Saturday, February 4, 2012

Design in Mind

When I'm not slaving away at my senior project (which I may not survive, in which case, its been nice knowing ya'll), I've been working on projects for our home.

The plan is : an apartment which Mark will rent sometime over the summer. My goal: not to buy anything for the walls. I want to use the posters, photographs, and paintings I already have to create a fun collage of memories and bright colors.
So...I've been doing alot of painting. And because I'm proud of them (so far), I'm going to take a moment to show off all this hard work! They're certainly not professional quality, but I like them enough to use them as decoration; goodness knows I would never be able to afford original art if it wasn't my own.
Here are a few:

Wine bottle still life (kitchen or living room)

Pear still life (for kitchen!)

Still life. Sorry the picture quality is so poor!

Dandelion (for our bedroom)

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