Thursday, March 31, 2016

Currently // March Edition

March has been a busy month with its fair share of life-changing events. As our exciting house-sale adventure continues, I felt the need to just pause and take stock of the little things that matter. 

Enjoying the prolificness of spring.  Here in Maryland, it feels like we awoke from a winter night to a spring morning, the changes came so swiftly. 

Reading The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates. It always takes me a bit to get into her novels, but once I do they're always favorites. 

Watching a new-to-me show The Paradise on Netflix. I mentioned in this post the other day. I'm still loving it! 

Trying  a new breakfast recipe: homemade frozen breakfast burritos. I love having quick homemade breakfast options, and anything Mexican-style I will eat! I'll share our recipe soon! 

Grilling out more often. As the day's lengthen, it's a little easier to stand outside and cook over the grill. I love having grilled chicken, steak, or fish in the evenings. Such a healthier option--and a bit faster to prepare! 

Listening to an Irish playlist I created on Spotify as a bit of a St. Patrick's Day joke. I have to admit though I've been kind of enjoying it. When I say Irish I mean Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys not constant bagpipes don't worry. I'm still cool right? But seriously though... it's the best music for cleaning and getting things done. 

Planning for our upcoming move to Washington, D.C.! I keep fluctuating between nervousness and excitement. There's so much to do! Did you catch this post with our big game plan

Planting a few herbs and veggies in my little container garden. I can't go all-out this year since I have to relocate to a boat in May! I only plan to have a few herbs, some lettuce, and some peppers. 

Applying a little dab of doTERRA essential oils before bedtime. My mom mixed a "Balance" oil a few months ago. It may all be in a my head, but I swear that stuff has helped me stay calmer throughout this house sale process. Another favorite of mine is lavender. 

What have you been up to lately? 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Daffodils in Sunlight

Is there anything more quintessentially spring than white daffodils nodding in a spring breeze? 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Easter Weekend: Maryland in Bloom

Warning: this post is primarily pictures of flowers.

This past weekend was perfect in its simplicity. No pressing appointments, no to-do lists, no road trips. Just me, the husband, and the pup enjoying the spring weather and some downtime at home. Solo in the above picture accurately captures how I felt about Saturday and Sunday. Every now and then, it's just so needful to relax and simply be. 

Weekend breakfasts have become a bit of a ritual around here. Quick grab-and-go breakfasts punctuate the workweek; so taking time to cook an actual breakfast meal feels special. Mid-morning conversation over bacon and eggs, French toast, or waffles has become one of my favorite ways to reconnect with my spouse after a long work week. Breakfast on Saturdays isn't just about quick nourishment and fueling for the work day. We can actually enjoy and savor. Relax, talk, and enjoy our orange juice and coffee.

While we're on the subject of breakfast... in the great debate of Panckaes Vs. Waffles, we're definitely a waffle household. How about you?

Saturday, we walked downtown to enjoy the spring blossoms that have suddenly appeared everywhere. Blossoms sprinkle the streets; the entire city a confectionery of pink and white petals. To be honest, I have no complaints about it.

Here are a few more photos of Frederick in full bloom, from the carefully potted to the prolific wild tree.

Monday, March 28, 2016

A Peek Indoors with Lana of Newman's Nest Blog

Welcome to another installment of "A Peek Indoors," my monthly series focusing on the home decor and styling skills of some of my favorite bloggers, makers, and artists. Each post focuses on the favorite room in the guest writer's home. This month, we're peeking into the chic little-girl nursery of my friend Lana of Newman's Nest blog. She and her husband are expecting their first baby, a little girl, very soon. And they have created the sweetest little nursery for her to come home to! You can tell that Lana's great eye for design and experience working for Anthropologie has molded her style. 

Without further ado, let's see this adorable baby room! 

"My husband and I have lived in our home now for almost 5 years, and I do have lots of favorites about the house- the kitchen remodel we finished last year, our master bedroom, and our living room to name a few. But this room is my all time favorite because it will be where our first born babe lays her head at night- doesn't get much sweeter than that in my book!  It's also the only room in our home that I feel is actually "completely decorated"- the rest of the home is constantly feeling like a work in progress.  I suppose it helps to have a bit of a time crunch.  Nothing like a due date to motivate the completion of a room!

The look I was aiming for was a modern take on a nursery- I didn't want it too themed but more of an eclectic meshing of my favorite elements for a little one's space.  I started with the idea of a black and white nursery and then added light pink, minty aqua, and gold accents.  The black and white ended up getting a little overshadowed but it is a good neutral base!  

I found most of the accent pieces at Anthropologie, like the art prints, stuffed flamingo and Jellycat bunny, dresser knobs, globe, and jewelry box hung as a mirror.  The rest I found at box stores like Target and TJ Maxx;  Keeping the nursery under budget was pretty important to me- I prefer to spend money on cute baby clothes!  

The hardest thing for me to find/decide on was the dresser.  I didn't want to end up spending an arm and a leg on it so price really narrowed my options.  I also wanted it to have more of an antique look since everything else was so sleek and modern.  And lastly, the height had to be at least 34" because both the hubby and I are pretty tall and didn't want to kill our backs, crouching over to change the millions of diapers we are anticipating!  After quite the search, I found the perfect dresser on Craigslist but it needed a good restoration.  I took it to a local boutique called Mustard Seed- the owner refinished the dresser for me and painted it a glossy black to make the finished result a bit more chic.  Glossy paint also tends to highlight any flaws (which this dresser has quite a few dings) but I prefer it that way- it's an antique!

My favorite design element is a tie between the mobile and the metal sign above the changing table.  The mobile was a DIY idea from Pinterest made out of straws and spray painted.  It was my first try at himmeli so I did have quite a few frustrating moments but I love the end result!  We found the metal sign on our babymoon in Turks and Caicos at the cutest little place that was half coffee/gelato shop and half home goods boutique.  I love that we incorporated a piece from our trip into her room!"

Thanks so much for sharing, Lana!
Like what you see? Find more and follow Lana via:

Friday, March 25, 2016

We're Under Contract!

After being on the market for five days, our home went under contract. Our realtor called us Wednesday night to let us know that an offer had been made. We were ecstatic! But then that night-- it hit me. Oh wow, we're really doing this. This house that we've lived in, that we've renovated together and made our own... we're really selling it. I thought we would have more time to get used to the idea before it sold. More time to pack and to wrap my mind around the idea of leaving Frederick. But no-- five days and one month is all the time we have. 

That night, I could hardly sleep! My mind raced with a ll the things that needed doing. How on earth would I get everything done in time? You know what, I decided, I'm just going to make a list of everything that needs to get done. Lists are the ultimate salve to stress, in my opinion. 

Here is my game plan for the next few weeks:

Our deadline to move out: April 28

1. Clean out the basement. 
This will be our biggest challenge. How is it that we manage to accumulate so much stuff? My first main project will be to sort through the basement junk and determine what can be sold, what can be donated, and what will be stored. I hate working down there though because its a old-timey cellar... dirt floors, stone walls, low ceiling. Ugh! 

2. Sort through and whittle down our wardrobes.
This project is pretty much already completed. You may remember my capsule wardrobe project last spring. Who knew then how much time that would save me this year? Since then, I've lost about 16 pounds so I ended up having to whittle down even more. Together, our winter wardrobe-- including shoes, coats, snow gear, and accessories-- fits into four Rubbermaid crates. Not bad in my opinion! 

3. Sell all large furniture items that aren't going to family or into storage.
One thing about this move that is both exciting and challenging is the fact that we have to get rid of everything. I'm not joking. Every piece of furniture is either going to family, being donated, being sold, or being stored. Only small decor items and essentials are coming with us. My for sale list includes: our couch, the entry way table, our dining set, and pretty much everything else. 

4. Sell my Jeep.
Since we'll be living in DC, there's not point in having two cars. We'll have access to public transportation and still have Mark's truck for longer distances and road trips. Plus, there's no sense in paying for two parking spots when we don't have to. So sadly, my car of 9 years will have to go. 

5. Throw a yard sale.
Sometime in mid-April, we'll be hosting a yard sale to hopefully part with all the items we're not keeping. Any tips for yard sale hosting? 

6. Donate what's left over. 
Whatever doesn't sell will just have to be donated. Here's a good tip for donating items and clothes: make a list of what you're donating. Because come tax-time, you'll be asked what you sold to determine the value of your donation. If you have a list and a receipt, then you're golden. 

7. Rent a small storage unit. 
Living on a boat will present unique storage challenges I am sure. Thankfully, the boat we're buying has a lot of built in storage but certain things-- like out of season clothes and outdoor gear--may have to go into a small storage unit. Hopefully it'll just consist of clothing, Mark's mountain bike, and out golf clubs.
8. Box up and pack what's coming with us. 
And it's not going to be much! Our clothes, our kitchen essentials, our food, our books, and some basic home necessities (sheets, towels, small decor items). We'll probably have to just haul this around in our cars for a bit until we can move onto the boat. 

9. Locate a temporary housing situation.
Because the money for the boat purchase will largely come from the house sale, we have to wait until that's over to actually purchase the boat. Thankfully, we're assured that that process isn't nearly as long as a house sale. (We will get the boat survey and haul out done prior to closing on our home.) So hopefully we'll only have a week or two that we need to figure out a temporary housing situation. 

10. And move! 
Once the boat is ready, we'll move onto our floating home! So in May, we should be in DC and finally finally finally no longer commuting 4 hours a day! 

It's a lot to do. But I've discovered that it's better to look forward and be excited for what's ahead than to look backward and be sad for the memories left behind. I'm confident that together Mark and I can tackle this move! 

Do you have any good moving advice? Or advice for getting to know a new (much bigger!) city? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Are You Watching on Netflix?

What are you watching on Netflix? 
As winter winds down, the time spent snuggling on the couch binge-watching Netflix is also winding down. After all, with all these extra golden hours, why waste them on the couch? On the other hand, dinner and a movie is a great way to spend date night at home. Here are a few of my recent favorites on Netflix: 

The Paradise | historical drama TV series
Describing this BBC series will make it sound unimaginably dull, but I promise its not! The story centers on a department store called The Paradise and the lives of its employees. But it's so much more than that. It's so very good, just trust me. If you enjoy period dramas like Pride and Prejudice, then you will enjoy this show! I'm about three episodes into it and hooked. 

Prison Break | crime thriller, TV series
This crime thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. It follows the story of a younger brother who commits a crime in order to be incarcerated at the same prison as his older brother, on death row for murder. But all is not what it seems.... Convinced of his brother's innocence, the man concocts an impossible plan to escape the prison. Basically, I bite my nails every episode. 

Chocolat | historical drama (with Johnny Depp yuminess), film
This movie will make you want to jump up and go cook. And if you love chocolate, you'll find yourself buying some after watching it. With a nod toward magic surrealism, Chocolat centers on a mother-daughter duo who follow the north wind across Europe, setting up their chocolaterie in each town they visit. The find themselves in a conservative French town where they absolutely do not mesh with the locals. It'll make you laugh while your tummy growls. After all, Johnny Depp and chocolate are never a bad combo. 

North and South | historical drama, miniseries 
This four episode miniseries is the unexpected success that made actor Richard Armitage famous. Intended to be only marginally succesful, North & South broke several BBC records the year it aired. Set in "the North" (Scotland? Northern England? I was never completely sure) during the Industrial Revolution, the story follows a young woman from the sunny South as she attempts to fit in to her new town without much luck. If you've ever moved away from home and felt disconnected, then this film will resonate with you. Plus, who wouldn't want to spread Richard Armitage on a cracker? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Good Reads // March

It's been awhile since I shared a Good Reads post, but lately I've had good luck with books. My favorite time to read is early mornings. In my opinion, there's no better way to start the day than with a cup of strong coffee and a good book. i always try to carve out about 20 minutes in the mornings for exactly that. Me, a blanket, a book, a coffee, the couch. 

Here are a few recent reads that I have really enjoyed. 

The Magicians series - Lev Grossman
GRR Martin described this series as to Harry Potter what whiskey is to sweet tea. Being an avid Potterhead, I'm not so sure I agree with that assessment, but the series is an enjoyable read. The story follows Quentin Coldwater, a brilliant misfit who suddenly finds himself enrolled in a college for magicians rather than Ivy League institution he had expected. If you're in the mood for a good romp and enjoy reading series, Grossman's stories are certainly worth it. 

The Rocks - Peter Nichols
This story begins with quite the shocking scene: an elderly couple argues and plummets off a rocky outcrop into the Mediterranean Sea. "Mark!" I exclaimed. "Oh no!" From that sudden event, Nichols leads you back through time from the 2000's to the 90's to the 80's to the 50's to the 40's, illuminating a little more of the story as he goes, until you finally discover the truth of the matter. What really happened decades ago to cause the argument by the seaside and the tumble into the sea. The entire time you think you're reading about one love story and then realize there's another one woven within the plot. 

Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling)
Anything written by JK Rowling never fails to disappoint. No one can quite tell a story or create a character like this author can. Cuckoo's Calling is a detective novel about a down-on-his-luck private detective who is abruptly handed the largest case of his career: the murder of a supermodel. Rowling presents an array of characters-- will you be able to spot the murderer? I figured it out, but Mark didn't. Heehee!

Fates and Furies - Lauren Groff
When I first started reading this book, I thought I wouldn't like it. Instead, I quickly became entranced by Groff's  prose. I love her choppy yet poetic descriptions--kid gloves removed for sure-- of one couple's marriage. Telling the story of one marriage from two people's perspective, Groff reminds us that marriage is the tempestuous, miraculous, scary, beautiful union of two distinct minds. 

On my To-Read List:
The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates
Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeal
The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What good books have you read lately?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Walk in the Park on a Not-So-Springy Day

Having a home on the market means finding creative things to do whenever you're banished from your home. Thankfully, since I'm writing a book, I can toss my Chromebook in my purse and take it anywhere-- coffee shop, park, my car if all else fails. A bigger challenge is finding places to go with a pup. There are only so many stores that allow pets and only so many restaurants with patios. Over the past few days, Solo and I have really gotten to know the good people of Home Depot, who always seem to have a stash of dog treats stashed in those orange aprons. 

Monday, we had to leave the house for one hour. Such a small time frame didn't really warrant driving out to a store or setting up shop at our favorite cafe Frederick Coffee Co. So, I hitched Solo's harness, and we pawed our way to nearby Baker Park, one of my absolute favorite spots in the city. It wasn't exactly a nice springy day--49 degrees and rainy-- but we bundled up and enjoyed a stroll around the park's perimeter. Hints of green coaxed me along when the chilly weather felt like too much. 

As we walked along--me, trying to restrain Solo as he eagerly eyeballed the ducks; Solo, trying to pull me into Carroll Creek-- I thought to myself that these forced excursions maybe be a good way to visit some of my favorite spots in Frederick before we move. Spots like this low waterfall beside the weeping willow. I've decided the we need to come have a picnic here when the weather turns nice. Enjoy some sandwiches and cream sodas, watching the busy ducks waddle along the creek banks. 

Here are a few more pictures of our rain-drizzled Monday evening walk. 

What are some of your favorite spots in your hometown?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

There are Strangers in my House

Lat weekend, our house went on the market. Since then, we've had about six showings with positive feedback. I'm certainly thankful that we've had so much traffic so far. But I still find myself biting my fingernails, wondering if and when an offer will come... and what that offer might be. Increasingly irrational thoughts stream through my mind: Will the offer be reasonable? Will it be enough to get us the down payment we need for our next place?  Will there be strange, impossible demands with the offer? Will a home inspection turn up some unknown, crazy issue that none of us expected? Or... what if an offer never comes, and we have to live here for the rest of our lives? Okay, I know that last one is a little far-fetched. 

When we bought the house, it was a fixer upper. We've since invested a good bit of money and a lot of sweat into the property, essentially transforming every single room. But you know, it's still 117 years old. And you can't make an old house exactly like a new build. I find myself wondering "Will it have all been worth it?"

My husband--rightly so--tells me to stop worrying. To trust that would should be will be. Logically, I know that we don't have to accept--or even reply to--unreasonable offers. We can't foresee the future; we can only plan for and do the best we can. We just have to trust for the rest. 

Yet every time I take the pup and leave the house so a realtor can show the home to a potential buyer, I feel a nervous flutter in my stomach. When I come back and catch a whiff of a stranger's perfume, a small sadness twinges in my belly. We've made good memories here. Enjoyed so many home-cooked meals at that table. Laughed over drinks with friends in this living room. We've patched and repainted the nail holes where my artwork hung, fixed the dent in the stairwell where Mark fell down the stairs, repaired the two little scratches in the hardwood from Solo's puppy paws. 

I have to remind myself that it's not the house that matters: but the family and the memories made within beneath its roof. After all, we're just a little blip in this house's long history. Many families came and went before we arrived; and more will come and go after. 

I'm trying to look forward, towards our next adventure, but it's hard to feel a little nostalgic for what we're leaving behind and nervous for what lies ahead. 

Have you ever sold a home?
Have any advice for surviving the process? 

Monday, March 14, 2016

10 Favorite Springtime Rituals

Let the record show that this week in Frederick, Maryland the temperature reached the high 70's. Last I checked, the high actually tipped out at 77 degrees. In March. In Maryland. I could get used to this. Oh, I could get very used to this!

With the arrival of this spectacular weather, I have come down with a substantial case of spring-fever. When I say substantial, I mean wearing bright colors all the time, busting out the flats, stalking the flower department at my local nursery. As soon as the first trays of pansies appear, you'll find me roving the nursery aisles, greedily collecting trays of blooming pansies left and right. 

Here are a few of my favorite rituals for welcoming the spring season. 

1. Open the windows
As soon as the temperature gets into the high 50's, I try to open my windows. I immediately start to shiver and regret it. You can bet with these beautiful 60 and 70 degree days, I've had the windows wide open, ceiling fans whirring overhead. I love feeling the gentle spring breeze and watching the currents gently rise and fall. And nothing beats the smell of fresh air in your home after a long, stuffy winter.

2. Bring home fresh flowers.
Nothing makes a home feel fresh and airy like fresh flowers. I love bringing home a bunch of hot pink carnations and arranging them in my favorite vase for the front window. Plus, carnations seem to last forever. Another spring favorite: hyacinths only bloom for a little while but they will fill the room with their sweet fragrance! 

3. Start wearing flats.
With the warm weather comes freedom from boots and socks. And I love it! It's just liberating to slip into a pair of flats with jeans after months of trudging through snow in thick-soled boots. 

4. Eat outside. 
My absolute favorite thing about spring is eating outside on our patio. Sometimes on Sundays, we'll grab takeout and toss a tablecloth over our patio table. Somehow food just tastes better when eaten outside, doesn't it? 

5. Get my hands in the dirt.
The one house chore that never gets old to me is garden work. Grubby fingers and dirt under my nails is not a bad way to spend a day. Holding myself back and not planting flowers too soon is always the hardest part about spring. The nice weather allows lulls me into thinking that there will be no frost ever again-- but we know that's not true! This time of year you can plant leafy vegetables, lavender, and pansies. 

6. De-clutter the house and clean out the closets.
Around this time of year, I find myself wanting to clean out all my dresser drawers and closets. Bulky winter sweaters and coats take up so much room don't they? At the end of each season, I go through my clothing to determine what I wore and what I didn't wear. Inevitably there are always a few items I purchased and somehow never wore, convinced that some change overcame them between the store and home. What I don't need I always donate or sell. 

7. Deep clean the entire house.
Inviting all the natural spring light into the house illuminates the dust and grime that winter leaves behind. A good deep clean is not the most enjoyable spring ritual, but it always pays off. Not just the carpets and hardwoods... but the baseboards, ceiling fans, windows... all those places the get neglected in the regular cleaning cycle. 

8. Create a summer-y playlist on Spotify.
An excess of streaming sunshine puts me in the mood for all my summertime favorites: Simplified, Jack Johnson, Dirty Heads, Sublime, etc. Together they create a perfect playlist that puts me in the mood for sunshine, pool-side livin', and something fruity in a tall glass. 

9.  Wear bright colors.
In winter, I tend to gravitate toward neutral or dark colors: greys, blacks, navy blues. Yet my springtime closet explodes with pinks and blues and greens-- the bright Lily Pulitzer-esque, spritzy colors indigenous to every Southern girl's wardrobe. 

10. Add some bright fabrics to decor.
Swapping out my thick throw blankets for bright floral print pillows is another favorite ritual for welcoming spring into my home decor. Other spring decor favorites: citrus-y candles, boxwood wreaths, and fresh hyacinths from the grocery store. 

What's your favorite thing about spring??

Art pictured: aptly named "Spring Fever," 24x36 available at my Etsy

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yes, I am a Feminist. No, I Do Not Hate Men

Yes, I am a feminist. 

No. I do not hate men.

In society today, I've noticed an alarming trend: feminism becoming synonymous with man-bashing or man-hating. Since graduating college and entering society as a thinking, educated adult, I've encountered this strange and inaccurate concept:  that being a feminist must mean you don't believe in marriage, or that you don't believe in chivalrous manners, or that you don't believe in having children. I've been asked questions along the lines of:

- So you think a woman can do everything a man can do? Like, lift the same amount of weight? Well what if a woman wants to be a firefighter? How would she carry a big grown man out of a burning building? 

- So you must look down on women who stay at home with their children, then right?

- Well what about chivalry then? Don't think men should hold open doors for women? Be polite to women? 

- Oh you're a feminist. So you hate men? 

- How can you call yourself a feminist and then go get married? I thought feminists didn't get married. And what about kids then? Don't feminists think having kids limits you? 

- Well if you're a feminist... shouldn't you always vote for women in politics? 

- Oh, you're a feminist. Do you like... not shave then? Ew.

- Well you can't be a Christian and be a feminist. 

Friend, these questions indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of the term feminism in our society today. Rather than truly comprehending the term, many people, it seems, have developed this stereotypical notion of a feminist, envisioning this cartoonish, angry, man-bashing woman with a thatchet of armpit hair who scorns the opposite sex, talks about her period, and has emblazoned the bumper of her energy-efficient car with zealous calls-to-arms stickers. 

Allow me to dispel that myth right now with this simple definition:

Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights--political, social, and economic--as equal to men's rights. Feminism does not seek to diminish men or to elevate women above men. Instead, it strives for men and women to be viewed and treated as equals. Feminism does not seek to limit what we women can do--because, heaven knows, society has done enough of that already-- it seeks to broaden what we all can do, as equal citizens with equal rights and equal capability. 

So what does this look like? 

Well to name a few... equal pay for equal work. Paid maternity leave and paternity leave for working parents. More women hired to high-level positions in business. More women involved in politics. Women who are allowed to make their own choices about their own bodies. Women who have the same opportunities available to them, regardless of their gender. Less instances of sexual crime. Men who are not viewed as weak or unmanly if they express sadness or fear. 

Did you know that a female teacher will make less than a male teacher? Did you know that women's credit scores tend to be lower than men's, even if the two individuals have an identical credit history? Did you know that --as of 2015-- less than 20% of U.S. Senators are women? 

Do these goals seem irrational or unfair to you? Also, I hope that you notice that the goals and ideals listed above do not apply solely to women but also address men's issues and rights. Again, feminism does not seek to diminish men or to elevate women above men... the movement instead seeks to establish equal rights for both sexes. 

So yes. I am a feminist. I believe that all people--regardless of their sex or race-- should possess equal rights. And no. I do not hate men. I quite like men, actually. I do not think that women are better than men or that we somehow "deserve more" from life. But I certainly do not believe that women deserve less from life. Nor do I believe that women should be ridiculed, shushed, or vilified for expecting equal rights, equal pay, and equal representation. 

I hope that this brief description will help dispel some of the stereotypes and confusion surrounding the term feminism. And I hope that you too will feel proud to call yourself a feminist--a person who advocates for the equal rights of both sexes-whether you are male or female. As the oh-so-brilliant Emma Watson said, "If not me, who? If not now, when?' 

Still confused or on the fence?

 Watch this short, excellent speech that not succinctly defines feminism 
but formally invites men to join the movement for gender equality.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Life Update: We're Selling our Home! Ack!

So... we might sell our house and go live on a boat. 

Wait, what? No you read that right, friend. 

Last week, Mark and I seriously discussed what we wanted to do with our lives. Did we want to keep living in Frederick, where housing is somewhat cheaper, but Mark's DC commute is a beast. Or, did we want to pay a little more for housing and have more time together everyday? There are so many pros and cons to this decision. We own our home here in Frederick, and as you know, we've put a ton of money and effort into renovating it over the past three years. So the decision to just "up and move" would not be easy. Not to mention, cost of living in our nation's capitol is much higher. And to make matters even more complicated, finding housing with a pitbull presents its own unique challenge. Yet money isn't everything. And a home is more than a house. 

After a long heart-felt discussion, we decided to take the plunge and move on to our next adventure. 

So, this weekend we met with a realtor to discuss the worth of our home. We've decided to place this little old beauty on the market and hopefully this summer will move to DC. 

Now that brings me to the boat part. Remember this post from a few weeks ago? Well, we've since done extensive research on liveaboards-- sailboats, power yachts, houseboats. While we know that decision has its pros and cons, we've decided to give it a try. We found a boat we really like at Gangplank Marina and are in the process of negotiating a contract contingent upon inspection and the sale of our home. Funnily enough, the boat interior has more room than the average DC studio or one bedroom apartment. A bonus perk: the marina has no breed restrictions. Score! 

What's next? This week, we'll meet again with the realtor and a photographer to collect the photographs for our home's listing. Then, it's just a waiting game. Ideally, we would love to move to DC by summertime, but of course we don't know what the future brings.

Right now, we plan to take each day as it comes, remembering that what's meant to be, will be. 

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