Thursday, March 31, 2016

Currently // March Edition

March has been a busy month with its fair share of life-changing events. As our exciting house-sale adventure continues, I felt the need to just pause and take stock of the little things that matter. 

Enjoying the prolificness of spring.  Here in Maryland, it feels like we awoke from a winter night to a spring morning, the changes came so swiftly. 

Reading The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates. It always takes me a bit to get into her novels, but once I do they're always favorites. 

Watching a new-to-me show The Paradise on Netflix. I mentioned in this post the other day. I'm still loving it! 

Trying  a new breakfast recipe: homemade frozen breakfast burritos. I love having quick homemade breakfast options, and anything Mexican-style I will eat! I'll share our recipe soon! 

Grilling out more often. As the day's lengthen, it's a little easier to stand outside and cook over the grill. I love having grilled chicken, steak, or fish in the evenings. Such a healthier option--and a bit faster to prepare! 

Listening to an Irish playlist I created on Spotify as a bit of a St. Patrick's Day joke. I have to admit though I've been kind of enjoying it. When I say Irish I mean Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys not constant bagpipes don't worry. I'm still cool right? But seriously though... it's the best music for cleaning and getting things done. 

Planning for our upcoming move to Washington, D.C.! I keep fluctuating between nervousness and excitement. There's so much to do! Did you catch this post with our big game plan

Planting a few herbs and veggies in my little container garden. I can't go all-out this year since I have to relocate to a boat in May! I only plan to have a few herbs, some lettuce, and some peppers. 

Applying a little dab of doTERRA essential oils before bedtime. My mom mixed a "Balance" oil a few months ago. It may all be in a my head, but I swear that stuff has helped me stay calmer throughout this house sale process. Another favorite of mine is lavender. 

What have you been up to lately? 

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