Monday, March 28, 2016

A Peek Indoors with Lana of Newman's Nest Blog

Welcome to another installment of "A Peek Indoors," my monthly series focusing on the home decor and styling skills of some of my favorite bloggers, makers, and artists. Each post focuses on the favorite room in the guest writer's home. This month, we're peeking into the chic little-girl nursery of my friend Lana of Newman's Nest blog. She and her husband are expecting their first baby, a little girl, very soon. And they have created the sweetest little nursery for her to come home to! You can tell that Lana's great eye for design and experience working for Anthropologie has molded her style. 

Without further ado, let's see this adorable baby room! 

"My husband and I have lived in our home now for almost 5 years, and I do have lots of favorites about the house- the kitchen remodel we finished last year, our master bedroom, and our living room to name a few. But this room is my all time favorite because it will be where our first born babe lays her head at night- doesn't get much sweeter than that in my book!  It's also the only room in our home that I feel is actually "completely decorated"- the rest of the home is constantly feeling like a work in progress.  I suppose it helps to have a bit of a time crunch.  Nothing like a due date to motivate the completion of a room!

The look I was aiming for was a modern take on a nursery- I didn't want it too themed but more of an eclectic meshing of my favorite elements for a little one's space.  I started with the idea of a black and white nursery and then added light pink, minty aqua, and gold accents.  The black and white ended up getting a little overshadowed but it is a good neutral base!  

I found most of the accent pieces at Anthropologie, like the art prints, stuffed flamingo and Jellycat bunny, dresser knobs, globe, and jewelry box hung as a mirror.  The rest I found at box stores like Target and TJ Maxx;  Keeping the nursery under budget was pretty important to me- I prefer to spend money on cute baby clothes!  

The hardest thing for me to find/decide on was the dresser.  I didn't want to end up spending an arm and a leg on it so price really narrowed my options.  I also wanted it to have more of an antique look since everything else was so sleek and modern.  And lastly, the height had to be at least 34" because both the hubby and I are pretty tall and didn't want to kill our backs, crouching over to change the millions of diapers we are anticipating!  After quite the search, I found the perfect dresser on Craigslist but it needed a good restoration.  I took it to a local boutique called Mustard Seed- the owner refinished the dresser for me and painted it a glossy black to make the finished result a bit more chic.  Glossy paint also tends to highlight any flaws (which this dresser has quite a few dings) but I prefer it that way- it's an antique!

My favorite design element is a tie between the mobile and the metal sign above the changing table.  The mobile was a DIY idea from Pinterest made out of straws and spray painted.  It was my first try at himmeli so I did have quite a few frustrating moments but I love the end result!  We found the metal sign on our babymoon in Turks and Caicos at the cutest little place that was half coffee/gelato shop and half home goods boutique.  I love that we incorporated a piece from our trip into her room!"

Thanks so much for sharing, Lana!
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