Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Are You Watching on Netflix?

What are you watching on Netflix? 
As winter winds down, the time spent snuggling on the couch binge-watching Netflix is also winding down. After all, with all these extra golden hours, why waste them on the couch? On the other hand, dinner and a movie is a great way to spend date night at home. Here are a few of my recent favorites on Netflix: 

The Paradise | historical drama TV series
Describing this BBC series will make it sound unimaginably dull, but I promise its not! The story centers on a department store called The Paradise and the lives of its employees. But it's so much more than that. It's so very good, just trust me. If you enjoy period dramas like Pride and Prejudice, then you will enjoy this show! I'm about three episodes into it and hooked. 

Prison Break | crime thriller, TV series
This crime thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. It follows the story of a younger brother who commits a crime in order to be incarcerated at the same prison as his older brother, on death row for murder. But all is not what it seems.... Convinced of his brother's innocence, the man concocts an impossible plan to escape the prison. Basically, I bite my nails every episode. 

Chocolat | historical drama (with Johnny Depp yuminess), film
This movie will make you want to jump up and go cook. And if you love chocolate, you'll find yourself buying some after watching it. With a nod toward magic surrealism, Chocolat centers on a mother-daughter duo who follow the north wind across Europe, setting up their chocolaterie in each town they visit. The find themselves in a conservative French town where they absolutely do not mesh with the locals. It'll make you laugh while your tummy growls. After all, Johnny Depp and chocolate are never a bad combo. 

North and South | historical drama, miniseries 
This four episode miniseries is the unexpected success that made actor Richard Armitage famous. Intended to be only marginally succesful, North & South broke several BBC records the year it aired. Set in "the North" (Scotland? Northern England? I was never completely sure) during the Industrial Revolution, the story follows a young woman from the sunny South as she attempts to fit in to her new town without much luck. If you've ever moved away from home and felt disconnected, then this film will resonate with you. Plus, who wouldn't want to spread Richard Armitage on a cracker? 

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