Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bedroom Inspirations

Every so often, a fire lights beneath me, a fire that says "change something, do something, see if you can make it better." Mark usually dreads these moments, recognizing them for what they are--more work--but I personally love the opportunity to be creative and change things around in our little home. In fact, this is my favorite thing about being a home-owner: the unchecked ability to make our home look however we want. If we want chocolate brown walls, we paint them chocolate brown. If we want green interiors on our kitchen cabinets, we paint them green. If we want different cabinet hardware, we change them--gold to oil rubbed bronze.

Seeing our house transform, bit by bit, little by little, into a home that showcases our personalities and loves is a pretty cool feeling. It makes me straighten my shoulder, grin, and say "Yea. This is ours."

While our kitchen and patio renovations are still in the planning stages, there is one quick reno that is burning in my mind. I want to repaint and re-imagine our bedroom.

In Abi-world, this renovation would mean a new wall color, a lighter bedspread, one or two new accent pillows, a new rug at the foot of the bed, some creamy, sheer curtain panels, and a new bedside lamp. In reality, this may mean the wall color change and a lamp...maaaaybe the rug, if I'm lucky. But we shall see. Having a strict renovation budget does one thing: it forces you to scout for deals and steals and teaches you to get a good luck on a small dollar. I'm hoping--fingers crossed--to get the paint this weekend and start on the project. I'll keep you all posted on the progress!

Here are a few photos to give you a peek into the project's inspiration. All image sources can be found here. I love how these rooms combine color and texture to create a cozy, dreamy feel.

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