Welcome to Patina & Purl, a lifestyle blog dedicated to messy art projects and good design. 

Hi! My name is Abigail.  I'm an artist and writer, as well as the owner of Patina & Purl. If you love learning about art, home decor, and DIY projects -- then you'll love this little space. 

Here, you'll read about our biggest project: renovating the 1890s rowhouse we purchased two years ago. I'll also be dishing on the challenges/ benefits of living in a small home as well as offering tips for furniture makeovers and crafty projects. I love working with my hands-- and believe that if you think can do-it-yourself, why not try? It's amazing what you're capable of if you're just willing to learn and put your back into it. 

Here are a few popular posts to get you better acquainted: 

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Thanks for stopping by and happy reading! 

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