Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Boat Inspiratons

Today, I am super excited to share some of my decor ideas for our liveaboard boat. I don't plan on doing all of this at once-- I am sure it will be a gradual process-- but I have put together a few idea boards that showcase the vision I have in my head. 

I definitely want to incorporate nautical elements, without going overboard. (Ha! No pun intended.) The color palette will be a blend of blues and grays with hints of citrus incorporated to give an unexpected twist. And if you know me, you know it will be colorful! 

For the galley (kitchen): I'm thinking white cabinets, a rope rug, and a playful table runner. Also, don't you just love that "Welcome Aboard" pillow

Luckily, the previous owner left a lovely grey velvet loveseat in the living room. It's very similar to the one pictured above. I think it will go perfectly with a white-and-blue rug, colorful toss pillows, and a clear acrylic coffee table.

I've never been one to shy away from pattern and color in a small space, but I do think its important to keep furniture streamlined when working with a limited floorplan. A clear coffee table would provide a landing surface while still being light on the eyes.

Finally... the cabin (aka bedroom) inspiration board. I'll probably use my current duvet but accent with navy blue. I would love to try my hand at knitting a super chunky or giant yarn throw blanket. Winters on a liveaboard boat can be pretty cold, so I'll have the perfect excuse to layer on the texture. 

Also, I just have to buy these goofy pillow cases for our forward cabin (the guest room). I mean... you're all singing that song in your heads, after all. Don't deny it. 

Want to shop any of these looks? 
Click below for sources! 

Etsy sources:
Whale wall hook
Crab pillow 
Nautical hardware
Starfish table runner 
Nautical Rope Rug
"Welcome Aboard" pillow
"I'm on a Boat" pillow
Coral watercolor print
velvet pillow

Other sources:
Yacht bedding (coral) 
oversized knit blanket

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