Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guess Again!

Today, we're taking "Daddy Warbucks" to see the gown! He gets the final say on whether the dress is a good purchase... or not! Keep your fingers crossed! I'm pretty sure he'll like it. I'm curious to see what he thinks of his littlest girl in a wedding gown...

Also- I'm loving the "gown guesses" I've been getting in comments here, facebook messages, and text messages. You've all pointed out some beautiful gowns. So far, no one has guessed it! Keep trying. I'll give a tiny hint- the color is "alabaster," which is slightly darker than ivory. The color will coordinate perfectly with my dark purple (eggplant? plum?) bridesmaids dresses and should look lovely against the fall foliage next year.

I'll keep everyone posted on any further gown developments! I'm really excited... thanks for suffering through my giddy-ness! Who knew I could get so thrilled about taffeta, organza, sparkles, and lace...

Friday, December 16, 2011

My Dress Designer

I think I've found "The One"!! Mom and I went to a bridal boutique in Buford, GA where I tried on a few dresses and found one that seems to be perfect! I'm not going to give any clues to what it looks like though--you'll have to wait until the wedding date! I will say, I don't think it will need hardly any alterations- other than hemming. Its like the designer sat down and thought "hmmm what are Abi Black's measurements? Lets make a dress with those exact proportions. Yes, that will do."
We're going back on Tuesday and taking Dad along to see it. Wish us luck!

I've posted the link to the designer's website. Its a Sottero and Midgley gown and its exquisite! Feel free to browse the website and see if you can guess which one it is! Good luck!
Sottero and Midgley- My Gown's Designers

Monday, December 12, 2011

First Excursion

My sister came to Baldwin for our first wedding dress excursion! We took the opportunity for a few pictures.  If Mrs. Donna had been there, this picture would include all the important ladies in my life!
I haven't found "the one" yet but trying on all the beautiful dresses was still fun. I definitely found out what I DON'T like! Nothing like putting on a white gown to make you realize you're really getting married.

Bones put a ring on it

I don't mean to sound vain here, but I love my ring! It's perfect and beautiful. White gold and diamond. It has the symbol of a strong, loving marriage behind it as well-- It was my paternal grandmother's. When Mark A. and I first started discussing getting married someday, I jokingly told him "Lucky for you, your girl comes with a ring! So, you don't have to buy one. The only drawback... Now not only have to ask Dad for my hand, you also have to ask him for the family heirloom." His reaction: "Oh...great."
I can't wait to marry him!

The Beginnings

So here we go! Engaged on October 8, 2011--It was an epic event. There was champage. White horses were involved. Thomas Jefferson was there. (No, really.) And the moon was playing boldly on the Potomac. The poor boy outdid himself. At every subsequent Valentine's Day, he'll present a rose (perfectly beautiful in its own right), and the public outcry will be "Hey, what happened to that white horse? And the carriage? Gee, thanks for the prickly flower." I'm teasing, obviously. He's wonderful--so abide my sloppy love-sickness.
We're engaged; so obviously I started a blog. You can see the direct link there. An obvious cause and effect. Time to laud the comings and goings of our lives--and the countdown to the BIG DAY! (If you must blame someone, blame my friend Sarah G. She has one, and it seemed like a wonderful idea at the time.) I promise there is method to my madness. You see, there's roughly 400 miles between my family and his. So this blog is an opportunity for both sides to keep up with wedding developments as they occur, in real time (woohoo!).
Welcome to a feast of wedding planning, apartment hunting, gown shopping, showers, and over all new-life-organizing. And maybe even some unexpected capering fun along the way to keep things from being too boring.
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