Monday, December 21, 2015

Dill House Diary // Master Bedroom Makeover

Hello, everyone. You may have noticed that we were MIA for a week or so there. We've been undergoing some major changes around here, with the hubs getting a new job in Washington, D.C. and starting up his personal training business as well. Then, last week, we took an impromptu trip to Virginia to visit Mark's family there-- so blogging fell by the wayside for a few days. 
We've returned though with another makeover post for your reading pleasure. Today, I wanted to share our master bedroom makeover. Like every other room in this little house, it underwent a big change-- going from drab to dramatic. Here's a glimpse at what the master looked like when we purchased our home: 

Can you say "depressing"? We were the proud owners of off-white walls, a clanking window unit, a rusty radiator, and one window shade. I tell you, that one window shade made all the difference. Yes, that was sarcasm. 

Because the carpet was brand new, we decided to leave it even though it wouldn't have been my pick of carpets. We decided to paint the walls and the radiator, and just give the room and entirely new vibe. Instead of drab and sad, I wanted a dramatic, eclectic look. So without further ado... here's a look at what the space looks like now. 

Because our bedroom faces north, we're limited on how much natural light we get through the day. Most of it streams in during the morning and then gradually diminishes throughout the day.  I knew a pale color wouldn't work well without the correct light; so I took a risk and went with a dark, dramatic shade of charcoal grey. we chose Arabian Veil by Behr Paints, available at the Home Depot.

It turned out to be the best idea. The charcoal grey has a deep purple-blue undertone that shows up in different ways over the course of the day. It's so pretty and works so well with the blue accents in that room. 

When Mark and I registered for our wedding, we decided that one major item we would register for would be good bedding. Having really nice bedding--sheets, duvet, comforter--  really can give your room a luxurious feel. Even if the rest of the room isn't totally perfect, crawling into a squishy, hotel-soft bed will elicit the most content sigh imaginable. 

We currently have these sheets by Cariloha and this duvet from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Our dresser and Mark's beside table are painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint's Paris Grey. I did two coats of the Chalk Paint on both pieces of furniture, sanded to add some distressed touches, and then added two coats of the Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax topcoat. The pale grey color matches our charcoal walls and somehow has a modern yet vintage touch at the same time. I absolutely love it. 

You can read more about the dresser makeover here

My favorite feature in our bedroom is the blue stained glass window that hangs above our bed. It makes such a big, bold statement and really sets the mood of our room. Can you believe I found that beauty at an antique warehouse for only $45 dollars? They had three others which I didn't buy. And to this day, I regret that I didn't! 

All in all, I love our master bedroom. I feel that it really encapsulates and showcases my style. Its eclectic, colorful vibe makes me happy everyday. It's cheerful and cozy at the same time, with lots of layered texture and bright hues. 

Like what you see here? Check out our kitchen renovation and home office tour. We're always renovating and DIYing around here. So stay tuned for more projects and makeovers! Thanks for reading!


  1. Love what you have done in your bedroom. The dramatic paint color was a risky but rewarding decision. One suggestion: place the last grommet on the outside edge of the curtains to the far side of the curtain rod bracket. This will cover the outside edge of the window trim and look more professional. (Not a criticism, just a suggestion from a career in interior design.) Great job!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that out. Thanks for reading!

  2. Beautiful room! Where did you get the soft taupe throw blanket and matching throw pillows?

    1. Hi! Both the throw and the pillows are a soft velvety grey. I didn't buy them as a matching set but they do match almost exactly. They are both from HomeGoods! Thanks for reading! =)

    2. Nice - HomeGoods has some great steals!


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