Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Walk in the Park on a Not-So-Springy Day

Having a home on the market means finding creative things to do whenever you're banished from your home. Thankfully, since I'm writing a book, I can toss my Chromebook in my purse and take it anywhere-- coffee shop, park, my car if all else fails. A bigger challenge is finding places to go with a pup. There are only so many stores that allow pets and only so many restaurants with patios. Over the past few days, Solo and I have really gotten to know the good people of Home Depot, who always seem to have a stash of dog treats stashed in those orange aprons. 

Monday, we had to leave the house for one hour. Such a small time frame didn't really warrant driving out to a store or setting up shop at our favorite cafe Frederick Coffee Co. So, I hitched Solo's harness, and we pawed our way to nearby Baker Park, one of my absolute favorite spots in the city. It wasn't exactly a nice springy day--49 degrees and rainy-- but we bundled up and enjoyed a stroll around the park's perimeter. Hints of green coaxed me along when the chilly weather felt like too much. 

As we walked along--me, trying to restrain Solo as he eagerly eyeballed the ducks; Solo, trying to pull me into Carroll Creek-- I thought to myself that these forced excursions maybe be a good way to visit some of my favorite spots in Frederick before we move. Spots like this low waterfall beside the weeping willow. I've decided the we need to come have a picnic here when the weather turns nice. Enjoy some sandwiches and cream sodas, watching the busy ducks waddle along the creek banks. 

Here are a few more pictures of our rain-drizzled Monday evening walk. 

What are some of your favorite spots in your hometown?

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