Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Easter Weekend: Maryland in Bloom

Warning: this post is primarily pictures of flowers.

This past weekend was perfect in its simplicity. No pressing appointments, no to-do lists, no road trips. Just me, the husband, and the pup enjoying the spring weather and some downtime at home. Solo in the above picture accurately captures how I felt about Saturday and Sunday. Every now and then, it's just so needful to relax and simply be. 

Weekend breakfasts have become a bit of a ritual around here. Quick grab-and-go breakfasts punctuate the workweek; so taking time to cook an actual breakfast meal feels special. Mid-morning conversation over bacon and eggs, French toast, or waffles has become one of my favorite ways to reconnect with my spouse after a long work week. Breakfast on Saturdays isn't just about quick nourishment and fueling for the work day. We can actually enjoy and savor. Relax, talk, and enjoy our orange juice and coffee.

While we're on the subject of breakfast... in the great debate of Panckaes Vs. Waffles, we're definitely a waffle household. How about you?

Saturday, we walked downtown to enjoy the spring blossoms that have suddenly appeared everywhere. Blossoms sprinkle the streets; the entire city a confectionery of pink and white petals. To be honest, I have no complaints about it.

Here are a few more photos of Frederick in full bloom, from the carefully potted to the prolific wild tree.

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