Friday, April 26, 2013

6 Spring-Inspired DIY Projects for Your Weekend

1. Geometric Camera Strap 

2. Dip-dyed dinner napkins

3. Dip-Dyed Baskets

4. Hand painted pillows

5. Paper Birdie Art

6.  Crisscross ribbon lamp shade

You may have noticed that I'm all about DIY projects, whether its furniture, decor, or beauty. If there's a way I can make it for less, I will. Even if it means a few hours of focus and effort. True, running to the supermarket or a department store might be less time-consuming; but I'm usually willing to put in the time and elbow-grease just for the sheer joy of creating something.

That's not to say all my undertakings are successful. We won't even mention the scrap-book-paper polka-dot lampshade. Yea, sounds cute right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong. A more accurate name would've been fish-scale-weirdness-lampshade. Yet, even when my DIY efforts become a total, messy flop and I've superglued my fingers together and glitter has someone managed to coat the floor...I'm still smiling because DIY is just so stinking fun.

Here's a few spring-hued project ideas for your weekend. Let's hope its filled with a healthy dose of sunshine and lots of toothy, cheek-aching smiles.

1. I've been dying to make one of these geometric print camera straps. I think the spots of color would look adorable since my Nikon is white.
2. Spring is usually bridal-shower season as well. These dip-dyed dinner napkins from A Beautiful Mess would be an adorable gift idea for the bride-to-be.
3. I found this image for dip-dyed baskets on Pinterest, so I don't have a link to provide for you. But I would say the photo is self-explanatory.
4. One of my favorite magazines, Better Homes and Gardens, suggested these hand-painted pillows as an easy home decor craft.
5. Another favorite blog Under the Sycamore posted this adorable paper birdie art a few years ago. I think it would be absolutely adorable for a kid's room or nursery.
6. Again, this image was found via Pinterest, so no link. However, I would say that photo, again, is self-explanatory. All that's needed would probably be fabric tape (or super glue) and some patience.

Which project idea is your favorite?
I think if I was to tackle one this weekend it would be the dip-dyed napkins. I think they're just so fun and springy!

Happy Friday!

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