Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Eve of Autumn

Over the past two weeks, Old Man Winter officially blew Autumn away.

A few great gusts and the sky turned dim and then all that was left of our beautiful fall was a pile of dry leaves, forgotten and shivering in the gutter. Huddled in coat, scarf, and gloves, I stepped onto the street and thought "Forget winter is coming...Winter is here." You could detect its sudden presence in the heavy grey sky, the bare branches, the lack of bird song.

While each season is beautiful in its own right, winter is a season I sometimes struggle to appreciate. Sure, you've got your holidays and family gatherings--but once those are past, all you have is snow drifts and cold toes.

In memoriam of Autumn, I thought I would share a few images of Frederick's lovely fall season. It's a brief period, but it brims with vivid color, spicey aromas, and yummy harvest. In opinion, Frederick was made for fall. Here are a few of my favorite images captured around our little city.

What is your favorite thing about the changing of the seasons? Do you have a favorite aspect of Winter? Mine is definitely the holidays--spending time cuddled by the fire with either a steaming mug of cocoa or a glass of moscato, chatting with friends and reminiscing with family. How about you? 

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