Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Currently 2.19

Loving: Lately, my cuteness-radar beeps for vintage pyrex. My grandmother always cooked in pyrex dishes that displayed the olive-green daisy pattern, similar to these. I guess my love for the collections began then, knobby-kneed and squirmy in my little tennis shoes and pony tail, sitting on her kitchen stools. Honestly, you have to admit though, the bright colors and florals are a far sight better than the clear-glass and red measurements of the Pyrex you find at your local housewares store. I'd rather have my kitchen cabinets filled with a rainbow of colors than cold, stark measurement symbols. Although our condo kitchen doesn't have enough space to start a real collection now, I can't help but itch to pick up any pyrex I find on Etsy or at our antique shops. Here are a few pretty, brightful pieces I've been eyeballing: blueorangeyellowred.

Watching: Maybe its Kevin Bacon... maybe its the promotional hype... maybe its just the fact that we're suckers for a good cop show. But Mark and I have gladly hoped onto The Following bandwagon. I have never watched a more suspenseful show. Watching the Following feels like every Monday night, you have a really good movie to watch. The acting is great; the individual episode plots are full of twists and unexpected turns-- there's no repeated pattern, like with so many other shows. You never know what's coming next. And, furthermore, as a English major and Poe fan... I can't help but love the continuous Poe references. Although, my husband may get tired of me blurting out the quotation origins and clapping my hands in glee when I get it right. Seriously though.. if you haven't watched this show... tune in, it's worth it.

Reading: Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio. I highly, highly, highly recommend this book. It's absolutely fascinating. Rubio records the experience of little Icy Sparks, a 10 year old girl from Appalachian Kentucky, as she attempts to understand the "pops and fits" she has begun having. You follow her simultaneously hilarious and tearful journey as she's ostracized from the other children at her school and sent to a children's asylum for "inspection." Dealing with concepts and issues far greater than any ten-year-old should have to face, Icy struggles with appearance and reality, truth and lies, keeping secrets, and forming your identity. This is turning into one of those books that I hate to put down but I know, the more pages I turn, the closer the end will get--and I'll be left feeling lonely and missing the characters.

Anticipating: Starting graduate school. Today, I was accepted into a master's program here in Maryland to receive my secondary education degree. I'm slated to begin classes in August. I have to admit, I'm kinda pumped to think about taking classes toward this long-time goal of becoming an English teacher. Maybe this makes me a nerd... but I love learning new things and tackling the challenges of college course-loads. Maybe that's why I want to be a teacher so badly--so I can learn everyday. Lame, perhaps, but true.

What's been going on lately in your life? If you have your own "currently" blog post, post it in the comments, I'd love to read it. And I always love discovering other people's blogs--whether large or small like mine.

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