Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Attempts at "Being Professional"

This past weekend, I shanghaied my beautiful friend Laura Beth into modeling my scarf collection. If you want to take a look yourself, the scarves are available online at my Etsy Patina & Purl.

Now keep in mind, we're not professionals here. I mean, I guess you could say I'm a professional knitter, perhaps...if such a term or concept even exists. But as far as photography and modeling-- we are somewhat hopeless cases. These photos were gleaned from a hefty reel of giggling mess-ups and goofy smiles. Even one spectacular grumpy cat grimace. Taking photos of someone--even a beautiful friend you're completely comfortable with--is odd. It's just them... standing there... looking at you.... You end up looking at each other with raised eyebrows and bitten lip, thinking "um okay now what? Uh, smile?"

And then, there was the bizarre moment when I noticed Laura Beth's gaze rest on something behind me. I turn around to see the neighbor standing there, staring at us with a completely bemused expression. "Hi," we both blurted. I could see it all over his face--he thought we were two silly women, posing and grinning like peacocks for a Facebook profile picture. (No, I will not say "pic.") Ack! Determined to waylay that impression before it fully formed, I motioned to the bag of scarves on the ground at my feet. I felt the need to explain that this wasn't just silliness; this was an actual amateur photo shoot...an attempt at professionalism, here. For a shop, a legit shop, a real business, right?

 "I make scarves," I said. Only then to realize... well that statement makes no sense to a total stranger. Hi there I make scarves. Right. Need any other useless bits of info about me?

Needless to say, in the end, we figured out our photo-taking venture. However, my respect for bloggers who regularly post fashion photographs or self-portraits raised exponentially. It takes talent to frame and capture good photos; but also there's a skill to making the subject feel comfortable and happy--not like they're on display. Having just recently gotten married and gone through the whirlwind of wedding photos, I know how awkward it can be to stand there and pose in fifty different stances while the photographer scrambles around you like a blinking, flashing beetle, capturing this angle, that angle, this smile, that glance.

So, here's a big hearty helping of thank you  to Laura Beth and her patience with my fumbling photographic efforts. And also, perhaps a sorry to the neighbor for undoubtedly confusing him.

Happy Tuesday, friends.


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