Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Weekend in Photos 8.5.13

This weekend was all about finishing up some projects around the house and walking hand-in-hand through downtown Frederick. I certainly didn't anticipate how much I would love stepping out my front door, giving it a quick lock and double-check, then shouldering my purse and heading down the sidewalk to supper. 

We've all rolled our eyes at the old-timers who insist that a walk after dinner is great for your digestion. But the truth is...they were right. Strolling with my love down the Frederick canal does as much for the heart as it does the stomach.

Plus, you  ever know what pretty sights you'll see on your way. Maybe its because walking is a naturally slower pace than gives you time to look around,  notice each step, and, well. literally smell the roses. 

What did you do over the weekend? 

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