Friday, April 25, 2014

That time when we fell off the end of the earth....

You may have noticed  that Amp and I have been missing for the past...
well....six, almost seven, months. 
This unplanned but much needed break from blogging was 
due to two very good reasons:

1.) grad school. The time-consuming behemoth.
If you've been down that dark path,
 you know what I've seen....and it ain't pretty.

2.) home renovations. In the midst of the hullabaloo
of buying a 100+ year old home, I let blogging fall by the wayside.

Then, one day, I remembered this little space. I thought
"Jeez, I forgot it again." And I entertained the thought 
of just deleting it. I mean, after all,
who really reads it? 
But then I remembered how much fun I had sharing
 our weekend photos, DIY projects (good, bad, and ugly), and
the occasional bit of roughshod writing.
So, even if no one reads it...
and even if I have to take the occasional break
(since sometimes living and moving is 
more necessary than writing)

I think I'll stick around.
And keep flinging bits of self out on the wide web,
for who knows who. 

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