Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Weekend in Photos

1. Opened the door to a husband with an armful of roses. The "farmer's bunch"--an ombre array of red, pink, orange, and yellow long-stemmed roses--filled our little dining room with rose perfume.
2. Enjoyed the bright flowers and oil paintings in our dining room, colors that livened the inside despite the dreary weather outside. 
3. Cooked chicken vino bianco with linguine, homemade sourdough bread, dark chocolate vinagerett, and creamy peanut butter pie for dessert. Why venture into the holiday hordes when you can do romantic at home?
4. Considered a blind date with a book at our local book store. Is this not the best idea?
5. Finally finished this squishy-soft baby blanket for a sweet friend whose baby is due in a few weeks. I love the colors, a gradient of burnt oranges and creams.
6. Snuggled with this fluff ball. Even after a year, his polka-dot ear still kills me. And look at that teensy little paw.

How was your weekend? Did you survive the onslaught of winter weather?


  1. I love the flowers & everything in your post, Abi! 😄 I drop by your blog every once in a while & enjoy it!

    1. Thank you Melanie! I'm glad you enjoy reading it!


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