Thursday, February 12, 2015

What the Georgia Girl Learned about Winter

Today, as the wind blew me down the sidewalk, I realized I've grown accustomed to the damp, bone-chilling ickiness that is Maryland winters. Not. Teeth-chattering, I leapt into my car, slammed the door, and curled into a little ball. I may or may not have smacked the dash a few times, urging the car heater to get its butt in gear. I won't even go into details about my most recent winter debacle. Let's just say it involved yours truly stranded on a snow-covered road with mascara-stained cheeks. If it hadn't been for a concerned farmer with a Tahoe capable of overcoming said snow-covered road, I would probably still be stranded there today.

Here are a few things I've learned in my attempts to survive Maryland winter despite being a clueless Georgian.

Give up and buy the big poofy coat.
In Georgia, you could easily get by with one or two light, stylish coats in winter. You might need your big wool coat, once or twice a year. But for the most part, that soft little Northface you've worn since October will continue to serve you well in January and February. But in need to buy the big poofy coat. And trust me, you'll be wearing the beast well into March.

Don gloves and scarf.
This second winter lesson I learned much to the benefit of my chapped. bleeding paws. When the wind is howling and sucking every bit of moisture from your skin, it pays to have one more protective layer.

Buy gas when the weatherman and everyone else says "buy gas." 
To be honest, I still don't know why we all do this. I think it has something to do with frost getting into your fuel lines. Either that or we're all preparing to make a quick getaway South.

Invest in fuzzy socks.
Wearing a pair of extra-thick, extra-fuzzy socks not only has kept my footsies warmer but just downright makes me happy inside. Yes, I may have on a tailored, distinguished pencil skirt and blazer... but little do you know, I secretly have absurdly bright and fluffy socks inside my boots.

Protect your flower beds and rose bushes.
This task was completely unnecessary in Georgia. Generally, in that southern state, I could ignore my rose bushes, which grew wild and tangled. In Maryland, however, my roses require a bit more pampering in the form of mulch and a burlap winter blankey.

Buy the salt, the snow shovel, and the windshield scraper.
The three tools for success in the winter months. Mark and I agreed that we feel like "real" homeowners now that we have winter weather equipment. Your coat sleeve and determination will only get you so far when you have a foot of snow on your windshield.

Become addicted to coffee.
This strategy is my personal favorite winter-weather safeguard. At the moment, I'm addicted (once again) to Starbucks' caramel macchiato.

What are some of your winter weather strategies? Because, trust me, I can always use more!

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