Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dill House Diary // Dining Room Tour

Although we've owned our house for nearly two years, we're just beginning to add the details that make our house feel like a home. It seemed that for so long we had random, disparate items on the walls. One painting, hung in an awkward location, with blank space to the right. Or a wobbly out-dated ceiling fan casting a yellow light over the room. Yet over time, we've replaced the outdated (bye-bye ceiling fan), polished the classic (hello original hardwood), and managed to create a space that feels curated and homey. Now, it's a space that feels lived in, That feels like ours

Recently, I stumbled upon Sweet Clover Barn, a vintage home decor and handmade marketplace housed in an old dairy barn here in Frederick, Maryland. Let's just say, I experienced sensory overload when I walked through its rusty sliding doors. Seriously. Check out their Facebook page, and you will understand. I bought this hand-printed table cloth there and am in love with it. The marketplace is only open once a month, but I'm already dying to go back!

I love being able to create my own artwork for our home. Every piece, excluding one large painting in our bedroom, is one of my original acrylic paintings. If you look what you see in these pictures, check out my Etsy or contact me to discuss creating an original piece of art for your home! 

When we bought our home, I walked into the dining room, noticed this quirky wall beside the stairwell and thought "I want to make that a chalkboard wall." Now, we love writing whimsical and seasonal messages on it. It's a cheap decorative accent to add to your room--and every time you change the message, you give the room a new air. 

What do you guys think? Thanks for taking a look into our living room! 
Now we just need to have you over for a meal! 

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