Thursday, March 5, 2015

Like a Lion

With March's arrival, I naively thought: Hey, spring is on its way! Then Monday came with freezing rain that left a glittering sheen on every surface, turning us into impromptu ice dancers. Or perhaps more like break-dancers. Emphasis on break.

Next, today bestowed us with a downpour of snow that lasted from sunup to sundown. While I certainly enjoyed the snow-day, I couldn't help but tap my fingers against my coffee mug. Cabin fever won't be bested yet, it seems. Although I've seen several robins flitting from the tree limbs and the swooping V's of geese seem to be headed north... winter has not yet bowed out. We will be waiting a little longer for spring's buds and blooms.

So, for now, I''l continue to bundle myself in scarves and gloves, dreaming still of yellow-green grass and warm sunshine. Pray I don't have to drive to work on this mess tomorrow! Stay safe and warm, friends.

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