Friday, May 15, 2015

Living Small // Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

As you may recall, I recently threw every bit of clothing out of my wardrobe and began afresh with a spring capsule wardrobe, If you're new to the blog and missed the Great Purge, you can read more about it here.

One of the main questions people asked after hearing I had purged my closet was "But what if you run out of clothes??" In response to this worry, I decided to share three outfits generated from my capsule wardrobe. Each outfit features one item from the closet: a basic infinity scarf. Before you scroll down, please excuse the fact that I seem to know only one way to pose.

 "Hand on hip, camera held high-- work it girl," said the selfie model.

Outfit one: black maxi skirt (TJ Maxx) // grey tee (Theory) // infinity scarf (Target)

Outfit two: pencil skirt (Loft) // grey tee (Theory) // infinity scarf (Target)

Outfit three: emerald blouse (StitchFix) // shorts (TJ Maxx) // scarf (you guessed it) 

These outfits now comprise my "casual outing" wear. No more yoga pant fall backs! Due to the limited number of clothing as well as the fact that I actually like all of my choices, I have to build outfits in new ways, learning how to mix and match different pieces. For example, when paired with a nice blouse and colorful heels, the pencil skirt becomes a church outfit. Similarly, the emerald blouse, tucked into a bandage skirt, suits a night out. 

I will try to post more capsule wardrobe outfit pairings throughout the next few weeks. It's just hard to remember to photograph myself before heading out for the day. But don't worry, there will be more hand-on-hip goodness coming your way! 


  1. These are cute! I'm going to have to scout out TJMaxx soon. I've been looking for a new maxi skirt like that.

  2. Love these! I am going to start on my own capsule wardrobe this week! Thanks for the inspiration!


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