Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Favorite Things // Hello June

Happy June, everyone!

 I don't know about you, but I am beyond excited for some summertime weather and sunshine-filled days. As a teenager living in Georgia, I used to be all about the colder months. To be honest, October is still my favorite month (our wedding anniversary, pretty leaves, pumpkin spice, so many reasons). Living in the South, summertime was just so hot, muggy, and mosquito-ridden that, unless I was in a swimming pool or horseback riding, I jut preferred to be indoors. After moving to Maryland, I began to love summertime more and more. Maybe it's because we actually have winter here. After surviving a few frozen Januarys and battling my way through snow-drifts in mid-March, I began to long for sunburned shoulders and summer thunderstorms. Now, I insist that I won't complain about the heat, I'm just so grateful to not be cold. Mark says I won't last til September without complaining. He may be right... but so far, I'm loving summer.

In the happy spirit of summertime, I thought that today I may share a few favorite things that I've been enjoying on the interwebs/in real life lately.

1) I have been in love with this blog lately. The author Cassie is a local creative and runs the occasional vintage barn sale Sweet Clover Barn. She has such an eye for form and color, and her Instagram and blog are a constant source of inspiration. Luckily enough, my bosses have a booth at Sweet Clover; so I get to enjoy this world of vintage prettiness every month!

2) My Lilly Pulitzer dayplanner has been saving my life lately. Have you ever heard the story about how Lilly Putlizer got started? It's on the inside cover of the agendas...hence why I know this story. Apparently Lilly moved to Florida with her citrus-growing husband and opened a juice stand. To hide juice stains on her clothes, she created a bright and brilliantly patterned shift dress...which her childhood friend Jackie O happened to adore, After the iconic Jackie wore a Lilly...everyone wanted one. Myself included. Currently, I'm having to satisfy my Lilly cravings with my agenda and my travel mugs... but I have been eyeing this maxi dress.

3) This Instagram account is by far becoming my favorite ever. I personally don't have what you would consider a shabby-chic boho style, but I can certainly appreciate it when its done well. I love her unique use of vintage accessories and handmade items (like her pallet bed... so much yes.). She has quite the eye for layering textures as well.

4) There's just something about a mint-colored bike with white-wall tires. Since we're both now working in Frederick, Mark and I have decided to try to commute without using our cars. Mark is biking, while I've been walking unless I have to move projects to the shop. However, I've been debating purchasing a bike. I haven't had one since I was a kid, but am considering dropping some cash on one. Mark looks for function and form while my primary deciding factor seems to be cuteness. Which will win I wonder?

More fun things:

-- As ya'll may have guessed from this post, Mark and I have been working on a kitchen renovation this week. We are in the midst of painting our cabinets, adding a backsplash, hanging open shelving, extending the cabinets to the ceiling, and adding a new light fixture. Stay tuned for updates and reveals!

--This week, I've been reading the most action-packed, nail-biting book ever: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. If you want an excellent summer beachread, I 100% recommend this book!

--Mark and I just finished watching three seasons of Hell on Wheels on Netflix. Not only is this one of the best TV historical dramas I have ever seen, it's probably one of the best Westerns I've ever seen. Plus, I could spread Anson Mount on a cracker.

--If you haven't heard them before, you have to check out this sister-trio band and their crystalline vocals and folksy sound. I. Love. Them. Listen, repeat, listen, repeat.

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