Monday, May 21, 2012

Thinking about Wedding Bells

You would think wedding planning would be a tedious succession of difficult decisions, but its really not. I'm so excited for the main part (finally marrying Mark!!) that everything else is easy. When I find what I like, *snap* its done! Wedding dress, check. Venue, photographer, caterer, music, check. Wedding shoes, check. Bridesmaids' attire, check. Wedding bands, check.

 Making decisions is incredibly simple when you're absolutely certain of the main decison: saying yes. Finding the right person gives you an incredible satisfaction and peace, I've discovered! Everything else is incredibly easy when you're with the right one.

My future husband, my future new family, and me!

Mark and I this past weekend

And congratulations to Mark's cousin Ryan and to one of my best friends Laura Beth on their engagement! Two of the sweetest people I know! God has generously blessed me this year-- graduating, getting married, being a new aunt again, and seeing my sweet friends so happy! Yay for you two!! We couldn't be happier!
Ryan and Laura Beth just after the proposal at Peaks of Otter, VA

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