Thursday, August 23, 2012

Driving to Dalton

Packing, packing packing. 

Today is Thursday, so tomorrow is Thomas-Day!
So, here I am packing for Dalton, GA, about a two-hour car trip. My sister and her husband live there with their little boy Jack. Their little world is about to grow by about 8lbs, however. My newest little nephew Thomas David McInnish is scheduled to enter the world at 11am. We're hurrying to be among the first people to greet him!

The only annoying thing: there's no good way to get to Dalton from here.
Literally, there's really no road from this side of Georgia to that side of  Georgia. My parents and I live in the north-east corner, Heidi and Rob live in the north-west corner. You would think... but no, no direct route. So we have two options: drive down to Atlanta and then up to Dalton, basically creating a large V; or we can try the "over the river and through the woods" approach, which is usually shorter, but unfortunately can result in windy-road-carsickness.
Either way, not quite as bad as driving to Maryland (my and Mark's  new home).

 for Thomas's safe arrival!
For Heidi and Rob having strength and courage to raise another bouncy, fun, grinning little boy.
And most especially  for little Jack whose little world is about to change forever.

 BUT (and I'm not just saying this because I'm his aunt...well, maybe....but really) little Jack is the most empathetic and the smartest little child I know for his age. I think he'll adapt just fine and be super excited to be big brother.

Baby-updates (and, I hope, a few pictures) tomorrow!

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