Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Quick List

The sad thing about me and blogging:
occasionally I forget that I have one.

Here's the quick list of everything that has happened since I last updated (shame on me...shame on me):

  • I bought a veil. Vintage-inspired. Beautiful. Hip-length. I'll tell you that much. 
  • Mark's job changed---> he's in MARYLAND. Same company (a DC-Baltimore based framing company) but new position. He is now an estimator, which means he gets to combine his experience in construction with his uncanny, whiz-kid math abilities. 
  • We booked a florist, pianist, caterer, wedding planner, and DJ. Can I just say that the quest for a DJ is a long, arduous process?? Apparently, North Georgia has none. Well, I take that back. We have a few: however they do strange things.... like sing along with every song... and scream at people on the dance floor. Yes. In North Georgia, we breed scary, despotic DJ's. Thankfully we found one (seemingly, so far anyway) normal one. 
  • My dress has been fitted and altered. It is now Abi-sized....which means slightly more than a foot of fabric taken off. I highly recommend TUX&STITCHES alterations in Cornelia. She did an amazing job creating my bustle! A bit of a job considering the length of the train.....
  • We found a condo in Frederick, MD. (Pictures soon!)
  • and a slew of crafty wedding-projects of which I will post pictures very soon. Here's one sneak peek, tho! 
Moss wreaths for the venue's front doors. Made by yours truly!
I promise I'll update with an actual, substantial post very soon. 
Thanks for reading!

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