Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Weekend in Photos

We have returned from Baby-Central and reentered Wedding-Central.
But before I switch gears (again), I just want to share these cute-as-pie pictures of my nephews. They're both so precious. Thomas is such a bright-eyed and alert little infant, and Jack has been the best big brother. He's so attentive to his new baby brother, always wanting to hold him, talk to him, and sing to him. It's really sweet to watch their little bond form.
Here are a few phone-shots of the weekend. Enjoy!

Thomas David McInnish born 8/24 at 11:33am, weighed 8.8lbs 

Jack's legos

Holding my sweet new nephew. His eyes are almost open

My favorite photo of Thomas so far; love that little frown

Precious of Jack and his Pawpaw leaving for hospital

Jack watching "Balto." Think I enjoyed it more than him!!

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