Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reasons to Smile 3.3

Wandering around in D.C.: The city of Frederick is only about an hour outside our nation's capitol, but Mark and I have only driven into the city one time since moving here. So yesterday morning (after a good, healthy dose of sleeping in) we decided to bundle up and head for the big white city on the river. The great thing about DC: you can wander around, meandering in and out of the museums and monuments all day long and not spend a dime except on your metro pass and your lunch.

Standing there in the museums, looking at these iconic and priceless items--the Hope Diamond, Julia Child's kitchen, Michelangelo's David-Apollo, or Rembrandt's Portrait of a Gentleman--it astounds me that all this is made available, for free, for the public. The front doors are unbarred and wide open to you. Well, admittedly there is that grumpy old security guard with the wand he pokes around in your purse or camera bag...but otherwise those doors are pretty much unbarred and wide open to you.

So for this week, that was my reason to smile: chilly March weekends, exploring with my husband. Strolling along with my hat pulled low and my scarf pulled high, coffee in hand, I couldn't help but smile

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