Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Has(n't) Sprung

Hiking Catoctin Mountain

So, I'm beginning to wonder if spring is ever going to fully arrive on the East Coast. Glimmers of warmer weather appear here and there-- robins skipping across the lawn, daffodils blooming on the roadsides, and a new, bright blueness to the sky--but none of these glimmers seem to last. We'll experience a beautiful Saturday--50* weather and a gentle breeze--and then wake up the next morning to a sludgy sky spitting snow flakes.  To me, March seems to have entered as a lion and now also be leaving as a lion. No lambs have been involved this year.

I'm beginning to wonder if spring is ever going to actually happen. I know this weather isn't just occurring in Maryland.  Apparently this lingering winter weather is happening in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia-- I name these states because these are the states I'm in the most, where most of our family resides. But I can tell you that I just straight tired of the howling winds and sideways rainfalls. This Georgia girl is starving for some sunshine. I think I would even welcome the springtime pollen, if it means winter is over.

I grudgingly acknowledge that clouds and rain are necessary for spring's blooming--but let's hope April brings gentler clouds and rainfalls than March brought.

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