Tuesday, June 18, 2013


^^ In just one week, we should be attending settlement for this adorable little rowhome downtown. Built in 1899, this place is the cutest little blank-slate space--just waiting for someone to come in and glam it up again. My favorite part of the place so far: the red alley door, the huge front windows, the private rear courtyard, and the old-style trim.

Mark and I already are brimming with ideas for the interior and exterior (no. 1 on the list: remove vinyl siding to reveal original painted brick underneath), and I am chomping at the bit to begin. We only have to survive the incessant question-barrage from the lenders. Everytime I foolishly think I have sent them everything they need, my email chirps its increasingly annoying little bing, informing me that "oh there is one more document needed."

Nonetheless, we are attempting to get all our little duckies in a row. (And if we're missing a few, I'm sure Culler Lake has a few to spare.) So wish us luck these next few days. I'll let  you know when "our place" is officially ours!

p.s. Fear not... the eye-sore trashcans will not be lingering on the sidewalk when we live there. 

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