Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Currently 6.19.13

It has been a hectic, busy week! Let's slow down for a second, shall we?  Stretch out the crick in the neck and take a few moments to chat about what's going on currently.

Anticipating: Over the next few days, two gigantic big-happy moments should occur. The first: two of our best, closest friends  are getting married Saturday. Mark and I will be rambling down to North Carolina Thursday evening in order to help prep and party. Can't wait to watch these two take such a special, beautiful step together! The second: in about 6 days, Amp and I should be homeowners! Can't wait to move downtown into our little brick rowhome--to clean, paint, and decorate this unique little place--and to start make memories of our "first home."

Reading: Can I just say that this month's Poets&Writers issue was particularly helpful? My favorite quotation (so far): "I always feel ...we should only take on writers whose manuscripts are so good that you can open them to any page, read a paragraph, and say, 'Here is a true writer,"" Haven't you experienced reading an author who just captures you like that? Every few sentences come with an intake of breath and a moment of pause as you realize "wow. These words are exactly the right way to say that." That's the sort of writer I aim to be...if I can just get over the anxiety of writing a bad first draft. ...*cough Anyway...

Watching: House Hunters. Yes. I know- I fully acknowledge that this show is the show you watch at the beach when its raining and there's nothing to do and nothing better on. But lately, it has just been incredibly entertaining to me. And what's more: my husband even likes it! I realize this is undoubtedly a passing phase, one from which he will abruptly startle...and probably very soon. but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. (We particularly enjoy the International episodes...who doesn't love fantasizing about buying a house in Paris or Prague or Marseilles?)

Wanting: The last of my wedding photos to arrive! When Mark and I got married, we ordered the majority of my wedding photos. I greedily snatched up all the photos of us together as well as our individual portraits and the necessary bridal party and family shots. But the wallet prohibited buying the photos of other important moments. All the little things, like the table arrangements, the front door wreaths, the flowers on the cake, the white wedding pumpkins (my personal favorite artistic detail of the day!). Or hilarious candid shots of guests doing the Electric Slide or our parents laughing or (the best one yet) my dad stealing a mid-dance smooch from my mom. Of course, I love all the posed moments, but going back through the second time, I found myself drawn to the little details and candid shots. That day, I was so swept up in the hugeness and awesomeness of the event, that I missed out on some of the tiny things. So, I'm grateful that our photographer captured them for me--and I have to say, I loved reliving the day through the photos. I'm anxious to get all the photos together and finally (after nearly 9 months) assemble our wedding album! It's about time, don't you think?

What's going on currently in your life?
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