Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Day in the Life

Scene opens with Abi typing away at her computer. She sits cross-legged in her desk chair, frowning at the bright-white face of the computer. The dog, Solo, lies on his side at the foot of her chair. Suddenly, Mark bounds into the room.

Mark: Lunche! Lunche!
Solo immediately thinks its time to play and starts jumping around.
Abi (startled): What?
Mark: It's time for...lunche! lunche!
Abi: What on earth is lunche?
Mark: means lunch. It's what the Mexican contractors would always shout when it was time to eat when I worked in the field.
Abi: Oh! Lunchey! Lunchey!
Solo continues to spin and jump
Mark (shaking his head): No. Lunche.
Abi: Lunchey! Lunchey!
Mark: What is this lunchey!  It's LUNCH-EH
Abi: Lunchey! Lunchey!
Mark: Stop that! Lunche! There is no thing as lunchey
Abi: In my world, Mark, there is lunchey. Lunchey lunchey lunchey lunchey
Solo starts barking

Yes. This is our life.

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