Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Photo Reel 6.16

This past weekend, we met some friends in Washington, D.C. for an impromptu day-trip to the Eastern Market.  The June weather was rare and perfect: warm sun on the shoulders and a cooling breeze. We laughed about old times while we caught up on new times, walked until our paws hurt, and ate the best french fries ever. Plus, I experienced a personal triumph: I road the metro in a rear-facing seat and didn't get motion sick! Does this mean I'm finally growing my metro-legs?

 1. Beautiful homes on Capitol Hill. #whydon'twelivehere
2. Bouquets of fresh peonies, just ready to pop and bloom.
3. Cute little potted succulents. Why didn't I buy one? I still don't know.
4. Nothing says city-summer like worn brick, blue skies, and a snapping American flag.

5. Who cares if they cost a million dollars, I want one of these historic row homes!
6. The Eastern Market, essentially the world's coolest grocery store.
7. Which stand to visit first?
8. Fresh peaches that smelled and tasted as good as they look.

How was your weekend? Do anything or go anywhere special? 

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