Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lemon-Herb Infused Water

Confession: I love sugary, flavored drinks. I'll stand and testify that I'm Southern born and bred: I like cold Cokes and sweet iced tea. Sure, I know that they're basically syrup in a glass, that they're filling my tummy with unnecessary sweet and probably turning my innards to sludge. I love them. 

But alas, in the quest to lead a healthier life, sugary drinks must be barred from entry into the fridge.

Here's where the fruit-infuser makes it's appearance. Using this pitcher, I can trick my brain into thinking its receiving a sugary sweet drink, while in reality I'm just drinking water...fruity, herby, yummy water. Its healthy and tastes good, a truly rare and elusive combo. Fist pump.

Lemon-Mint Infused Water

I feel that these photos are self-explanatory, but if not...

What to do: 
Chop your lemons. Add the lemon slices and mint to your infuser pitcher. (If you don't have an infuser pitcher, you can just add the lemon and mint to the pitcher itself. They will flavor your water just the same.) Add chilled water and serve over ice! 

I'm so glad that I planted mint this year. Otherwise, I may not have thought to try this combination at home. Having the herb in my garden, I feel compelled to find recipes and uses for it. Although this recipe is ridiculously simple, it tastes amazing...a perfectly refreshing drink for summer time.

What are your favorite fruit-and-water combos?

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