Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Photo Reel

This weekend, my close friend Sarah came to visit. She and I met in college our sophomore year, and, through all the paper-writing, hair-pulling, and tear-inducing mania of an English degree, we became and remained very close. After graduation, with the twin hurdles of marrying and moving before me, I worried that she and I would rarely see each other. This, after spending nearly every day together for three years.

However, life pulled a rather convenient and kind move, for once. Sarah moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a para legal career at one of the city's oldest and most established law practices. I'm not sure what kind of finagling and string-pulling my guardian angel had to undergo to achieve that, but I'm grateful. Having one of my closest friends only 45 minutes away (well...without D.C. traffic...) is a tremendous comfort. Even when busy work and graduate-school schedules intervene, just knowing a friend is nearby keeps homesickness at bay.

This weekend, we embarked on thrift-shopping, sight-seeing, coffee-drinking, chick-flick-watching, Italian-cooking, and puppy-snuggling adventures. Sometimes cappuccinos and girl talk is all you need.

Hope you enjoy the photos of our Saturday as much as we enjoyed the day itself.

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