Friday, November 6, 2015

Four Weeks of Gratitude // Week One

Can you believe it's already November? I'm not sure where 2015 went, but went it has. 

November has always been one of my favorite months because it contains my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. Turkey Day is my all-time favorite holiday for many reasons: amazing recipes, family dinners, chilly weather, holiday time. I'm definitely a home-body, so the holiday that reminds us to stop and celebrate all things home is of course my favorite. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to start a mini series centered around gratitude. Each week, I'll share one big thing and several little things for which I'm thankful. I think it's so important to stop and count my blessings, to realize that I have so very much in my life. 

This week, I'll start with the one person for whom I'm thankful every single day of my life: my husband Mark. 

Mark is my rock and adds so much happiness to my life everyday. He has always supported my goals and ambitions. He has taught me to stick up for myself, to realize that I'm strong, and to never be afraid to expect the best. At the same time, he's taught me so much about patience, kindness, and lending a helping hand.  He's a strong, hardworking man but also has a very gentle spirit. I'm so grateful to have found a partner in this life who can simultaneously accept me for who I am and challenge me to be better. 

One of my favorite things about my husband: working out with him every day. We started going to the gym together right after we got married. I have to say, it's my favorite part of the day. We typically do the same workout-- and we don't always even talk while doing it. But it's a great way to be together and blow off steam after the long workday. Hearing him say "good job" or "you did great baby" sometimes feels like the biggest compliment anyone could give. 

The little things I'm thankful for this week:
- meeting my husband for lunch on Tuesday
- my Friday morning Starbucks run #treatyoself
- checking everything off my to-do list 
- finally finishing our kitchen remodel 
- friends (and sisters!) who are willing to listen
-sketching logo ideas for my husband's personal training business
What are you thankful for this week? Feel free to join in on the series.  Share your thoughts or post link in comments. 

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