Monday, November 23, 2015

Shop Update + Photo Shoot

Guess what? Winter scarves are available again in the Etsy shop! 

Last week, one of my best friends from college (who coincidentally ended up moving to Washington, D.C. not long before Mark and I moved to Frederick, MD) came up for the weekend. Unfortunately for her but fortunately for me, I shamelessly asked her to model a few of the scarves I knitted for my Etsy shop. 

I couldn't be more thrilled with the way the images turned out. 

This infinity scarf is probably my favorite of the three. Knitted with a chunky tweed yarn, it is perfect for the deep winter months. It's thick enough to serve as a cowl, if you find yourself stuck in a snowstorm without a hood. The earthy tone works for men or women. In my mind, I call it the "Twig and Earth" scarf even though I don't really name my knitted items. But it just has that neutral, earthy look, doesn't it?

This pale dun colored scarf is probably the softest infinity scarf I have ever made. Part of me wishes I had bought a whole cart of that yarn and knitted a blanket rather than a scarf.  Unbelievably snuggly, it puts you in the mood for a good book and a cup of hot tea. Like the one above, this scarf too would work for men or women. I try to keep my colors neutral so that they'll work for anyone. 

Finally, we have this butternut orange scarf. I chose a ribbing pattern for this colorful piece and went for a tighter look. Something that would keep close to your neck and ward off the winter wind. Pair it up with a grey scarf or cream-colored coat and add a bold pop of color. 

Want to see more? Click on the badge below. I have more photos available at my Etsy.... and more winter accessories in the works! Stay tuned for handwarmers, headbands, and a few more scarves. They make great holiday gifts. Support small business this summer by shopping small and buying unique, handmade gifts.  
Oh and psst... My readers get a special discount. Use code BLOG5 at discount for 5% off. No minimum purchase! 


  1. ... I think I must have tried on one of your scarves at Retro Metro today?? Beautiful royal blue and black chunky infinity scarf?

    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I don't currently have any scarves at Retro Metro so I don't think it would've been mine! =) It sounds pretty though!


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