Monday, January 23, 2012

Be My Maid?

Now that they've each received their gift in the mail, I can share my "bridesmaid booklets."
Again, these photos were taken with my iPhone, so the lighting and color is a little odd. Not the best quality photos, but the only ones I have now that the booklets are "gone"--distributed to the girls!

I wanted to something special for them, after all each girl is a very special and very close friend. Also, I wanted to "officially" ask. After looking at several different bridesmaid gift ideas, I came up with the booklets. I combined the idea of the "can't say I do without you" message with the card-momento booklets that I have seen on Pinterest.....and came up with my bridesmaid booklets.

I made four total and am currently working on another, slightly different one for my MOH. My sister.
Here are a few pictures.
The pages of the booklets combined my favorite photographs with sweet sayings.

Three of the booklets bound and tied with ribbon.

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