Friday, January 20, 2012


Well...I bought my Iphone sometime at the beginning of last semester....and it only took me until January to figure out how to set up my email. The sad thing is: I can explicate Bakhtin, Plato, and Derrida in my Literary Criticism class, but I simply can't perform the simple task of emailing myself from a smart-phone.
Lord help me. Are we sure I'm ready to get married...?
 Just because I'm young does not mean I am technologically capable.

I am now able to share photographs of our venue with you!
The "quest" for that perfect spot was less difficult than I imagined. Of course, we ran into a few of those outrageous places who apparently take exceptional pride in the quality of their establishment. One rustic location in Cleveland loved their venue to the tune of $12,000 for 75 guests...that's not including chair, tables, or any set-up assistance. Mom and I on the phone: "Surely I misheard you? Oh...oh you're serious... Well, have a nice day!"  Mark's immediate family alone totals 75 people. We could've been married there, of course. I could've had the barn wedding, replete with organza-draped rafters...but only the groom's family could have attended. Here comes the bride! Sorry, she's a cardboard cutout. The real one couldn't afford to be here today.

We called several differnet places but prices and strange stipulations (No, you absolutely have to serve alcohol at our venue! But please! We don't want to! No, its included in the price, it'll be there whether you want it or not.) stopped us at every turn.
That's when the light-bulb came on.

What about the community house? Now, I know what you're thinking: its going to be a banquet hall with drop-ceiling and scruffy carpet. No. Surprisingly, our tiny Southern town has one of the most beautiful community centers I have ever seen. Built in the 1930s by the WPA, the Cornelia Community House is a gem: a large stone lodge that has as much (or more) character than any expensive Atlanta (or Cleveland!) venue.

And the cost? For a fraction of the price of the other venues, we rented the location for two full days.
Success, I think yes!


  1. A beautiful venue for a beautiful wedding--you'll love it!

  2. It will be simply beautiful! I love the thought of Mark's immediate family being 75 forgot 76 because we can't wait to have you in it~


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