Monday, May 26, 2014

Around Town: Alive at Five

Every Thursday, Frederick hosts a live music event called Alive at Five. It's held at lovely Carroll Creek Park in an small amphitheater crafted from grassy terraces. The stage comprises a pointy-roofed white tent, tiptoe-edged against the creek's bank. Admittance costs only $5 dollars, but anyone can sit on the opposite bank in the park grass and listen for free. Some chose to pay to access the craft beers and refreshments available, but if you're just in the mood for some easy listening, summer sun, and people-watching....why not just sit on the free side?

Before moving downtown, Mark and I had heard about this event, but had never visited. Something always kept us busy--mainly, work--and we never felt like driving into town at 5 o'clock. Now that Mark works from home and I'm off for the summer...coupled with the fact that our house is only a few blocks away from Carroll Creek...we enjoy the short walk over to the amphitheater. The band changes every week, mostly offering familiar covers.

And the best part: you can bring your pup! Last Thursday, we saw two squatty bulldogs, a few Yorkies, one fat Pitbull, several labs, and even one Bull Mastiff. Seeing that last beast, I was worried he might accidentally step on one of the Yorkies and squish it. We didn't bring our Solo this time. His puppy-exuberance makes him a bit excitable at these events. Rather than listening to music, we would have been holding him down so he didn't pounce on and play with every passing pooch. But we plan to take him to one soon!

Alive at Five is definitely one of my favorite things about Frederick. If you're in the area, you should check it out. Or, come visit us and we'll take you there ourselves!

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