Friday, May 16, 2014

Around Town

Today, I'm starting a new series I've oh-so-originally termed "Around Town." It will showcase and feature our favorite spots around our little city of Frederick, MD.  There are so many fun, quirky shops and spots that I would love to share. Now, you can walk the cobbled streets with us as Mark and I discover fun new places to eat, drink, play, and just chill around town.

First entry: Crabapples.

A little delicatessen downtown, Crabapples is one of our favorite lunch spots. Their menu is pretty simple, consisting of the main deli staples: a brisket sandwich, a club, some yummy chicken salad, and a mean Reuben. The shop is only a short walk from the house so we like to head over there on days when our lunches coordinate.

Today, Mark had their "French Quarters" sandwich, ham and cheese on a warm, buttery croissant. I tried the chicken salad wrap, which was surprisingly good. ( I'm a bit of a chicken salad snob, as in I think my family and my family alone possesses the best recipe. So, finding a local place that has decent chicken salad is quite a feat for me.)

All in all, this little corner restaurant has become one of our staple places downtown.

What about you? Any favorite places in your city or hometown?

P.S. You don't know how many times I accidentally typed "Crap-abbles" in this post. But sadly, no, Frederick does not have a restaurant called "Crap-abbles."

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