Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Cozy Guest Nook

Currently, Solo is insisting upon a game of fetch. He keeps dropping his ball at my feet, blinking up at me with those big gold eyes. Goofy pups make focusing on blogging text difficult.

Today, I thought I might share some photos of our little guest "nook." Small guest sleeping spots are one component of small houses. When we bought our little house, we knew we would have to get creative with a guest sleeping space. Luckily, Mark's tool bag and his bag of tricks proved their worth yet again. We turned what was previously an awkward room of closets and useless space into a day-bed area, complete with bookshelves and a teeny window seat.

Mark built this daybed himself and helped re-build the bookshelves (once closets) to house my ever-growing collection of good reads. I love the way the afternoon light streams in through the bathroom and guest room windows. It turns this space into a cozy little nook, proving that living small is really about using and loving the space you have.

And yes, if you were wondering... I am going to go play fetch with that little stinky butt now. 
Happy Friday!

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