Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello Fall

Back in May, when that horrible thing the weather men dubbed a "polar vortex" finally released its grip on Maryland and my half-frozen limbs began to thaw, I vowed that I would not...would not...would not complain this summer when the mercury crept above 90. While there were one or two times I had to bite my cheek to keep from whining, I kept my word.

But now-- now it's October. In my opinion, October is the best month out of the twelve. The time when the breeze picks up, the sky turns sapphire blue, and the leaves start flinging their colors all over the sidewalks. Stepping outside and inhaling that crisp, spicy scent of autumn warms my heart more than any sweater or steamy mug of cider. There's not one thing about October that compels me to complain.

For me, fall means crimson, gold, and burnt sienna. It means crunchy leaves and crackling campfires. It means pumpkins and squash and gourds and honeycrisp, It means snuggling in blankets and snuggling in hugs. It means scarves and boots and finally a use for all my knitting. Most importantly, fall means that the holidays are just around the corner: which translates to days filled with family, food, and more smiles and laughs than one person can hold.

Now that I've "waxed eloquent" about it all, what's your favorite thing about this autumn season?

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