Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Around Town: First Snow of 2015

Yesterday morning, the annoyingly happy jingle of my iPhone alarm jarred me awake. Blurry eyed, hair plastered to my cheek, I groped in the dark for my cell. After some failed fumbles, I managed to tap snooze and sag back, face-first, into my pillow. Was it really already time to wake up? I moaned...And then realized that, for a Tuesday morning downtown, the streets were awfully quiet. The rush of cars outside our window was absent. In fact, everything sounded hushed and muffled.  Dragging myself from the warmth of the covers, I pulled back the curtains and squinted outside.


Snow blanketing every surface and still falling gently. For those of us who work in academia, this wonderful occurrence meant either a delay or, if the weather persisted, a snow-day. Even in the muffled fog of half-sleep, I managed to think, How ironic. I just blogged about snow-days yesterday.

By ten o'clock, the snow had only intensified. So, this lucky girl was able to spend her day trying out some of yesterday's snow day suggestions. (Although, I did cheat and do some laundry and cleaning.) By far the best part of the day was strapping on my snow-boots for the first time and wandering out into the fluff to take pictures of our downtown.

This snow was the powdery, fluffy kind. Good for snow-angels but a bit too weak for snowballs. Kicking the snow-plow drifts sent plumed fans into the air, which Solo eagerly chased, open-mouthed and tail-wagging. The powder coated every surface, light like confectioner's sugar. The streetside homes seemed like frosted cakes, precisely arranged in a baker's display case.

Snow days are different. It's early enough in the season yet that we enjoy the snow, rather than moan its arrival. Now, the snow makes everyone happy. It softens our footfalls and quiets the earth. Streets typically nosy with business echo with children's laughter. Everyone seems a little more likely to smile and, maybe, to play.

Have you had your first snow yet?

P.S. Don't you just love the photo of Solo in the snow?

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