Monday, January 5, 2015

Ideas for Snow Days

As January and the new year begin, so to does the harsher winter weather. Sleet, freezing rain, ice, snow--all the unfriendly forms of precipitation return with the wind and cold. Soon, we find ourselves slipping and sliding on the sidewalks, half-skating half-walking to our cars. Getting to work becomes a pulse-raising test of driving skill, and our cars are forever coated in that crusty veneer of road salt. More and more, we find ourselves bundling up and staying in, dreaming of white beaches, blue skies, and warmer tides. However, with these icky days comes some of my favorite days of the year: snow days.

Here are a few ideas for those stranded winter days when you're confined to your hut by fluffy snow drifts.

  • Cook breakfast together. When my phone rings at five a.m. with the university's alert message, knowing I can curl back into my warm sheets and wake up slow is the best feeling. Crawling out of bed at 8:30 and padding to the kitchen, mug in hand, to make waffles is an iconic snow day occurrence for Mark and me. I start mixing the batter as Mark starts scrambling eggs. 
  • Work on a new knitting or crochet project. Pull out your yarn basket and needles (you know you have them) and start working on one of those projects you've been pinning. Get your little old lady on. If you have a cat to curl up at your side and a fire place to prop your feet by, so much the better. I'm currently working on this pattern for a friend. 

  • Drink copious amounts of coffee or hot cocoa. Whenever it's cold out, I feel that I must have a warm mug of something in my hands at all times. 
  • Cuddle up by the fire with a good book.  A snugly blanket is a prerequisite for this suggestion. Some snow day suggestions can be found here and here
  • Binge on Netflix. If reading isn't your thing, you can always binge-watch Netflix. Lately, Mark and I have been watching Mad Men, Friends, and Gilmore Girls. Okay, okay--I'm the only one watching Gilmore Girls; however, that show does pair nicely with my suggestion to drink copious amounts of coffee, provided your kidneys can keep pace with Lorelei and Rory. 

  • Build a snowman. But please, if you can help it, avoid singing the accompanying song. We can only handle so much Frozen at a time. 
  • Have a snowball fight. Go all out. Construct your indomitable fort, and stock pile a snowball arsenal. Vanquish all your snow foes. 
  • Fix a warm batch of soup. When your snow day is done, don't forget to warm your hands and tummy with a bowl of soup. This recipe is one of our winter favorites. 

What are some of your favorite ways to pass the time on snow days? 
All images via Pinterest. 

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  1. I love this post! But what is it with guys and their aversion to Gilmore Girls? My Mark hates that show and he's never seen a single episode!


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