Friday, January 9, 2015

Coffee Dates

One of my favorite things to do when meeting an old friend is to swing by a coffee shop. Hands cradling a warm mug of something sweet, we'll just sit and chat about anything. About what's going on in our lives. About funny or sad anecdotes. About new things--books, clothes, trends--we're into.

With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to touch base with my readers once a month and share a little "coffee date," if you will. The posts will highlight an interesting fact, share a bit about what's going on in our lives, and also include a few of our favorite links. The overall concept will be similar to our previous Currently series but hopefully be a bit more interactive, as readers are encouraged to suggest topics for upcoming Coffee Dates. After all, real coffee dates are a conversation between friends--and I hope this space will be that for you as well!

This month, I'd like to chat first about scarves. After all, we will all be needing some with this winter weather blowing through.

Tartan Scarves

Lately, I've been obsessing over tartan scarves. Apparently, "tartan" is the correct term for the criss-cross lines pattern that we Americans call plaid. While visiting Scotland during my undergraduate years, I learned that tartan is quite the big deal (nah duh, right?). Individual families have their own tartan patterns. Apparently, you can even purchase "your" tartan. The Royal Mile vendors sold both "Black" and "Hobbs" patterns. However, since I didn't have $400 to shell out, I didn't purchase either pattern. Interestingly enough, I also saw my first pickpocket occur in Edinburgh. But that topic aside... I am very much in love with oversized tartan scarves. Whether its their association with Burberry and all things equestrian or whether its just my own imagination... when I see tartan scarves, I think "classy." Also, I think "hey that looks warm, gimme."

Here are a few that I've been coveting lately: 1, 2, 3.

A Life Update...

Last Thursday marked my last day working at Mount St. Mary's University. My final week was the week before students returned from break; so the normally bustling quad was deserted as I walked away. Nothing but the wide stone buildings, the snow-covered ground, and a harsh wind. Leaving was a good bit harder than I anticipated, and I couldn't suppress a few tears. I guess it's lucky to have had the type of job that makes you sad when you leave. Of course, I am looking forward to my new position which I begin Monday morning! Woohoo!

Check this out

1. Mark has decided that we need to just forgo buying a bigger house next time and instead downsize. I personally would prefer that my next house not fit inside the living room of this house. But hey that's just me. Although... the Linden house makes his argument very tempting, especially when that guy starts talking about lower utility bills. 
2. I believe Averie over at AverieCooks has created a cookie bar that will make me "sit pretty and beg" like Solo. Something this gooey and delicious-looking will make me bust out the apron. 
3. The Bitter Southerner recently determined the best Southern albums of 2014. My listen-to-this list just expanded. What, you don't have a listen-to-this list? Well go and get thyself one, friend! Actually, don't becasue then, like me, you'll feel guilty about never quite knowing all those hip indie rock songs you should know. Oh wait. I'm a old married fart now? I don't have to know them? Oh okay, cool then. Back to Disney Pandora then.

Happy weekend, friends!

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