Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Adveturing in D.C. and A Boat Search

Did you happen to catch last week's post Would You Live on a Boat? 

In it, I introduced you to the concept of liveaboards, turning a houseboat or yacht into your primary residence. Although more common in cities like Seattle or St. Pete Beach, our nation's capitol happens to boast one of the largest liveaboard communities. Located on the Waterfront, the floating neighborhood is docked at Gangplank Marina, where Sunday mornings consist of a "Captain's Coffee" and neighborhood cookouts are the norm. Not to mention, the metro is right there ready to take you wherever you need to go. Other than the simple face that your house is, well, floating, it sounds pretty ideal. 

So this weekend, Mark and I decided to take full advantage of the fine weather (60 degrees in February! What!?) and made the trip to DC to see Gangplank Marina for ourselves. We looked at two houseboats and one motor yacht in order to get an idea of what these boats really feel and look like. As it turns out, houseboats and yachts are surprisingly roomy. Most had more square footage than your average DC studio, along with at least two decks, washer/dryer in unit (or in boat), and a party barge at your disposal. 

We had so much fun meeting a few of the locals, who were all too friendly and welcoming. I have to say, the whole idea is appealing. Other than the idea of storm-tossed water or occasional mechanical trouble, why not make your home on a boat? The fact that the marina is less than 10 minutes from Mark's work is a huge plus as well. Mark and I left feeling pretty excited!

After checking out Gangplank Marina, Mark and I headed to Capitol Hill for lunch at one of our favorite lunch spots: Good Stuff Eatery. While their hamburgers aren't the absolute best I've ever had, their herb-coated french fries and thick creamy milkshakes are worth every penny. 

I then dragged Mark to the Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite spots on the National Mall. I never get tired of the colorful blooms, the orchid display, and the trickling water features. I feel like I could find a bench and sit there all day, reading or writing or simply people-watching. 

So do you know anyone who currently lives or once lived on a liveaboard? We'd love to know if so! Also, what are some of your favorite spots in D.C.? We're always open for suggestions on good restaurants or pretty locations. 

Curious about the DC liveaboard community?

Gangplank Marina
600 Water St SW
Washington, DC


  1. I think it's awesome that you guys are considering living on a boat! That would be such a fun experience.

    1. I think its both exciting and scary! Haha--Can you guess whose idea it was originally?? I feel like 90% of the time it would be awesome... but during storms I think it could be scary. But if the storm was bad enough, we can always seek shelter with friends! haha!


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