Monday, February 1, 2016

Farm Table Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

A few years ago, I found this farm table at an antique store in Georgia. Petite and primitive, the little table was the perfect size for the small dining room in our 1890s rowhouse. With a rough plank top, the table boasted legs and apron in a pale minty green. No doubt it was originally built as a work table for someone's kitchen or shop. I highly doubt it was intended to be used as a dining table, but hey who cares. Styles change, right?

For two years, the table stayed its original mint-green color. It worked with our original eclectic decor. But as our styles evolved, I grew bored with the green color. Especially once no one else in our house was green anymore.  So, I did what I always do when I'm ready for a change: I whipped out my paint brushes.

To coordinate with our kitchen color and with the upcoming living room makeover, I chose the color Paris Grey by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It's a soft pale grey, the same color actually as our recent dresser makeover. I decided to paint just the legs and apron, leaving the surface rough and unadorned. 

The whole project took about 20 minutes-- and I love the finished look! I only needed one coat of paint and chose to not wax. I felt that a chalky, matte finish was more in keeping with the table's style. . It was exactly the change our dining room needed. The table now blends with its surrounding decor, highlighting the grey shades in our birch tree mural. 

My next project? Reupholstering and painting those white metal chairs. I may go Paris Grey on them as well, with a blue-and-white fabric for the cushions. I just need to go pick out the fabric! 

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