Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our New Living Room Wall Color

A few weeks ago, I debated whether or not to repaint our living room. I loved the hearty shade of chocolate brown-- it was so unexpected in a small space and gave the room a cozy library feel. But at the same time, I was ready for a change. The style of our house had really progressed, especially when we refinished our kitchen and master bedroom. The chocolate brown living room felt left behind, a relic of a design style I no longer really appreciated as much. I still liked it, but I no longer loved it. Does that make sense? 

So last week, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work repainting. To save money, I decided to paint the room the same color that I had used in our kitchen. I loved the color and knew it would work well in our living room. Plus, we still had an entire can of paint left over! 

The color I used is a soft dove grey called "Chinchilla" by Behr. We purchased the paint several months ago; so I'm not sure if Home Depot still carries it. However, I'm sure they have a similar shade. We always use Behr paints in our house, and I'm always very impressed with their product. Our entire house-- interior and exterior-- is painted with Behr. For this project and our kitchen, we used a paint-and-primer combo in a semi-gloss finish. It went on so smoothly. Other than the trim, I really only needed one coat. If you're looking to paint a room, I highly recommend popping over to your local Home Depot and considering Behr. 

The finished product really amazed me. I couldn't believe how much brighter and bigger the room felt. Even though it's the beginning of February and we just experienced Snomageddon 2016, our living room feels fresh and springy. Now, our entire house has a seamless color theme: grey and neutral wall colors with blue accents. Re-painting the living room was an excellent choice. I'm so glad I did it. 

That's what I've loved about renovating this old house. As things come together, the house really comes back into it's own, becoming something pretty and unique once again. A loved, happy space for family, good food, and good times. 

Stay tuned for more renovation updates! 


  1. That light color really makes your hardwoods pop. I love it!

    1. Thanks so much! I thought the same thing. I'm really happy with the change =)


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